Our Guide on How to Choose Your Breast Implant Size

One of the biggest choices you make when opting for breast augmentation is the size and type of implants. You may wonder how to choose breast implant size when the choices are overwhelming.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgery, one of the main reasons for breast implant replacement is dissatisfaction with the size. Implants last ten or more years. During that time, one’s personal preferences may change.

About Breast Implant Sizes

While it may seem counter-intuitive, Breast implants are measured by cubic centimeter (cc) volume rather than cup size. This makes sense because the same cup size scales depending on the rib cage, so a 34B isn’t the same as a 38D. When it comes to implant size, your plastic surgeon needs a more objective measure, and CC works well.

Implant sizes run the gamut from 125 cc to up to 1200 cc. Your plastic surgeon will guide you through this sizing process.

Factors to Consider When Selecting an Implant Size

What is right for you may not suit someone else. At the end of the day, it comes down to your choice. It may help to answer the following how to choose breast implant size questions in your own mind honestly.

  • What fits your frame size? Some women want a natural-looking enhancement, so choosing an implant that fits the natural proportions of the frame may suit them well. Others may prefer a more dramatic look that they always wanted.
  • How do you imagine your body looking after the implants? Some women with curvier hips and thighs opt for implants for more of an hourglass shape and less of a pear shape. Others may prefer an athletic look and opt for smaller implant size.
  • Think about your lifestyle and how larger breasts may affect it. Some love the idea of a voluptuous bustline but are active in various sports such as running and racquet sports. An active lifestyle shouldn’t hinder your enjoyment of implants, but it may help to consider whether you are considering an implant size that would change your experience.
  • How much attention are you comfortable with? There is no right or wrong when choosing your implant size; it is just something to consider.
  • Do you have any asymmetry to address? You may want different-sized implants on each size. For some, evening-out asymmetry is one of the reasons they chose to opt for implants.
  • While you may remove or replace implants, think of them as a long-term commitment. Choosing your implant size isn’t quite as easy to reverse as trying a new hair color. Think about how you anticipate feeling over the next ten years as you age.
  • Think about the fashions you love to wear and how they will look and feel with an enhanced bustline. Of course, we encourage everyone to choose what is right for them regardless of current trends and fashion. Still, if you enjoy a certain style or are trying new trends, you may want to consider breast implant sizes that support your interest.
  • Consider the type of implant, whether you plan on silicone, saline, or gummy bear-style implants. The type of implant may influence the sizes you may consider as they all look and feel slightly different.
  • What are your specific goals? Be sure to discuss them with your plastic surgeon. For example, someone who wants a higher bustline but no additional volume may come in looking for augmentation when really a breast lift best suits that individual’s needs.
  • Ask your plastic surgeon whether there are additional things to consider.

Visualizing Your Future Results

If your plastic surgeon uses Vectra imaging technology, you can visualize what your breast size would look like on your frame. This tool takes a 3D image of your body so you can easily see what different cc’s of breast implants would look like from 360 degrees.

Too often, women guess what size of implants they think they might want; Vectra removes the guesswork.

Vectra can also analyze the individual’s dimensions to factor in current levels of breast droop, the size of the areola and nipples, and asymmetry. This imaging provides a realistic foundation for modeling different-sized breast implants.

The Vectra software can even simulate the implant placement in the body for easy-to-reference side-to-side images of an individual’s appearance before and after the procedure. You can also compare different-sized breast implants.

Other Considerations

In addition to choosing an implant size, you will need to choose the style of implant. There a variety of different types of breast implants.

Whether you choose saline, silicone, or gummy bear-style implants may influence your other choices.

In addition to the size and type of implant, here are some other considerations:

  • Your planned implant placement refers to whether the implants will be on top of the muscle or underneath.
  • The shape and profile of the implants, i.e., whether you choose round implants or another shape.
  • Will you combine your augmentation with any other treatment like a breast lift?
  • Are you planning to have children or breastfeed in the future? Neither rule out implants, but discuss this with your plastic surgeon to learn how this may affect your breast augmentation.

Some of these other factors may influence your choice in implant size.

Your First Step is a Consultation

When choosing the best implants for your needs, talk with your plastic surgeon early. With today’s imaging technology like Vectra, the choice is easier.

The choices are highly personal, but a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon can help you think through all the breast implant sizes. 

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