Is There a Benefit to Combining Plastic Surgery Procedures? YES, Let us Explain:

If you are planning plastic surgery, you may wonder whether combining plastic surgery procedures is a good idea. Yes, there are benefits to combining procedures rather than scheduling each separately.

Remember that what is right for one person may not be right for someone else. Discuss these matters with your own plastic surgeon. The advice may vary depending on the procedures you want, your medical history, and any risk factors.

Generally, if you are a healthy candidate for plastic surgery, combining procedures has advantages.

Six Benefits of Combining Procedures

Combining more than one procedure is beneficial for a variety of reasons. The most obvious advantage is combining the recovery period for more comfort and convenience. Let’s explore some of the main benefits in more detail.

Less Need for Anesthetic

Thanks to anesthesia, we can have a more comfortable, pain-free experience during surgical procedures. However, any powerful prescription medication has risks associated with it. By combining plastic surgeries, you may only need to be under anesthesia once rather than multiple times. This is less risky and also less expensive. 

Save Money

Combining surgical procedures often saves money since it is a more efficient use of your surgeon and medical team’s time and resources. If you are considering more than one cosmetic procedure, it makes good fiscal sense to ask your surgeon whether combining operations is an option for you. You may save on surgeon’s fees, anesthesia, and even hospital costs if your procedures require an overnight stay.

Less Overall Recovery Time

After a plastic surgery procedure, you have downtime because your body needs to heal. Often carefully combining operations, you can reduce the stress on the body associated with healing from multiple surgeries. Of course, combining multiple operations requires more recovery time than a single procedure. Still, if you are considering multiple procedures combining them allows your body to recover and heal once.

A More Dramatic Transformation

By combining procedures, you see the results sooner than if these procedures were spaced out. Many opt to combine related procedures within custom packages such as a mommy makeover which may include a tummy tuck, breast lift, or other plastic surgery combinations. 

Usually, the results from plastic surgery are not immediate. You don’t see the full results until you heal after the swelling goes down. By combining two or more procedures, you see the results from both emerge together and sooner than if the operations were spread out.

Less Downtime

Depending on which cosmetic procedures you seek, you will have planned downtime where you can’t work, exercise, or engage in most of your daily activities. Multiple surgeries split into separate sessions result in more costly time off from work. Most patients avoid scheduling social activities and events like family photographs and vacations until they fully heal. By minimizing downtime, your life has fewer interruptions. 


Cost savings, more efficient healing, and less downtime add to a more convenient experience. Getting ready for elective surgery involves a lot of advance planning, arranging for time off work, possibly arranging childcare, catching up on work or working ahead, arranging aftercare, and more. The sooner you have and recover from all your planned operations, the sooner you can resume your normal life. 

Common Plastic Surgery Combinations

After discussing aesthetic goals and hopes with a plastic surgeon, many patients discover that multiple cosmetic surgeries would be required to meet their goals. Combining procedures may be the best option for all the reasons previously mentioned.

When combining surgeries, plastic surgeons often group related multiple procedures rather than perform each as a single surgery. Some common plastic surgery combinations may include:

A “mommy makeover” or “daddy makeover” are both common examples of packages of aesthetic procedures done together. Such combinations are specific to the patient’s needs and goals.

Your Next Step Towards Your Transformation

A consultation is your first step when deciding whether plastic surgery is right for you. Have an open discussion with a plastic surgeon about whether you want a single surgical procedure or a package of combined procedures.

During this consultation, be sure to discuss:

  • Your aesthetic goals, hopes, and wishes.
  • Any problem areas you would like to address or improve?
  • Your medical history, including current health issues, medications, and treatments.
  • Your lifestyle includes exercise, whether you smoke or drink alcohol, family situation, and career.
  • Family medical history.
  • Any questions or concerns you have?
  • Any plans to have another child, gain or lose weight, or other pending surgical procedures.

During your consultation, your surgeon will help you understand your options, whether a single procedure or a package of procedures would best meet your needs. Using plastic surgery before and after photos from other patients or modern imaging technology, your surgeon may show you examples of potential results.

The ideal candidates for elective procedures like plastic surgery include nonsmokers in good general health. The prospective patient would also be well-informed and have realistic expectations for plastic surgery results.

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