When to Consider Breast Augmentation Revision

Is it time for a breast augmentation revision?

Breast Augmentation Revision Dr. NayameBreast Augmentation is one of the top cosmetic surgery procedures in America. In fact, in 2015 there were over 200,000 breast augmentations performed.  But as women age and their breast and body shape changes, the question of replacing those implants to better suit the patient’s current body shape often comes up.

My body has changed over time.

There are many patients who feel that their current breast shape or size no longer aligns with their aesthetic goals.  For some women, they had their initial augmentation surgery when they were younger and interested in a more “obvious” look.  As those patients have gotten older, their goals have changed and now they may want a more subtle appearance.  For other patients, they may have chosen a smaller breast implant for their augmentation, and as their breasts have changed over time, they may now need a larger implant to better suit their most current body shape.

My implants are too big.

For patients who feel that their implants are too big, I recommend seeing a plastic surgeon to discuss an implant exchange or a breast implant revision.  Downsizing to a smaller implant may reduce possible breast and back discomfort, poor fit in bras and bathing suit tops, and allow the patient to embrace the latest implant technology that may not have been available at the time of the initial surgery. Your surgeon will educate you on the various styles, shapes and sizes of implants available on the market today that would help you best achieve your desired look.  And for women who feel that their large implants are “too heavy” for their breasts, your surgeon may also discuss the possibility of a breast lift or “mastopexy” to be done in conjunction with an implant exchange.  A breast lift can help elevate a sagging breast to a more youthful contour and raise the position of the nipple to a more upright position.  Also, the size of the nipple areolar complex (the “pink area” around the nipple) can be reduced for women who have experienced areolar enlargement or stretching. This is a reason to consider a revision breast augmentation surgery.

My implants are too small for my body.

Likewise, I would recommend seeing a plastic surgeon for a breast augmentation revision if you constantly feel that your implants are too small and no longer compliment your figure.  For many women, their silhouette has changed over time due to child bearing, hormonal changes, and weight gain and those once proportionate implants may now appear “lost” in the context of her new body.  When implants no longer serve the purpose of complimenting a woman’s shape, it may be time to discuss an implant exchange.  Having the “right” shape and size implant can improve not just breast shape, but overall body balanceYour surgeon will help guide you through this decision making process and explore various options with you.

Exploring my options

As our bodies change with time, so do our body goals and with more breast implant options available today than ever before, achieving those goals can be an exciting opportunity for patients.  Breast surgery is a very individualized procedure, so it’s important to seek the guidance of your board certified plastic surgeon to understand what options are available to you.  Your surgeon will help you explore how the “right” size implant can best compliment your current silhouette and help you achieve your best you.