See It to Believe It: VECTRA® 3D Imaging and Simulation System

VECTRA® 3D ImagingAre you considering a breast augmentation in Charlotte? Do you spend a lot of your time thinking about what you’ll look like afterward? Would you like to know with as much accuracy as possible exactly how you’ll look after the procedure? If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above then you’re in luck, because Charlotte Plastic Surgery now offers the VECTRA® 3D Imaging and Simulation System!

Put simply, this technology uses ultra-high resolution color imaging to analyze your breasts, body or face before any surgery takes place to render amazing 3D visuals of the potential outcome. It’s important to note that no single simulation or method for breast augmentation results is 100% accurate, but the VECTRA® 3D Imaging and Simulation System is proven to deliver extremely realistic expectations of your breasts’ appearance post-operation. Now you can forget your fears and concentrate on the results you need to feel your finest!

We use this system for what it is – the most advanced and sophisticated education and planning tool available to help you better understand your surgical procedure in addition to the wide range of results our doctors can help you achieve.

With this innovative tool, you can make better informed and more confident decisions regarding your treatment plan without depending entirely on what someone else is seeing. By looking in this “cyber mirror,” you can feel confident that you are making the best decision for the best results for you!

Benefits of VECTRA® 3D Imaging and Simulation System

By now you may be thinking, “Why should I choose the VECTRA® 3D Imaging and Simulation System to help me in my journey?” The answer to this question lives in the benefits of this cutting edge tool, including:

  • Breast Augmentation. No two breast augmentation experiences or their results are the same. This system gives us the power to see the before and after of what each implant size looks like on your unique body.

What Does the VECTRA® 3D Imaging and Simulation System Mean To Me?

  • Finally answer the question, “What will I look like when my journey ends?”
  • Compare powerful before and after images showcasing the actual range of results.

Can I Find the VECTRA® 3D Imaging and Simulation System at Any Plastic Surgery Office?

No. Charlotte Plastic Surgery is currently one of few locations in Charlotte offering the VECTRA® 3D Imaging and Simulation System. Take advantage of your opportunity to experience modern technology designed to show you what you may look like after your breast enhancement surgery!

Is This Technology That Good?

Due to how individualized breast surgery is, expressing or explaining your specific goals can be difficult. Depending on other patients’ results is inaccurate because no two bodies are the same. Bra stuffing is inaccurate because it typically overestimates your result. The VECTRA® 3D Imaging and Simulation System removes doubt by allowing you to work with our doctors to hone in on exactly what you desire for your breasts!

What Are My Next Steps?

The VECTRA® 3D Imaging and Simulation System is one of many inventive tools the Charlotte Plastic Surgery team uses to bring you the best in breast enhancements. The time to feel your best you is now. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation to discuss a breast enhancement with our nationally recognized Charlotte plastic surgeons, please contact us today at 704-372-6846!