A Real Charlotte Plastic Surgery Patient’s Tummy Tuck Review

Are you curious about whether a tummy tuck procedure is right for you or whether Charlotte Plastic Surgery is the best place to have your tummy tuck procedure done? We’re sure at this point you have spent time reading through tummy tuck reviews hoping to find the answers to what it’s like and who is the best plastic surgeon to perform your dream surgery. It’s understandable that any prospective patient would want to gather as much information as they can before making a final decision, which is why we like to provide tummy tuck reviews from some of our actual patients.

Today, we want to share with you a few words of recommendation and the real tummy tuck review from one recent tummy tuck patient; for the purposes of this post, we’ll call her Kate. She ultimately chose to have her tummy tuck procedure done here at Charlotte Plastic Surgery and was kind enough to share with us some of the details of her experience.

We hope this and other tummy tuck reviews will be helpful to you as you consider your own surgical needs.

tummy tuck review

Tummy Tuck Review: Kate’s Experience at Charlotte Plastic Surgery

The Consultation

Any time you pursue a procedure here at Charlotte Plastic Surgery, the first step is sitting down for a one-on-one consultation with our doctors. This allows us to answer any questions you have, set the right expectations, and verify that you are a qualified patient.

For Kate, the consultation at Charlotte Plastic Surgery was invaluable.

“The consult was first and foremost,” she explains. “I’d been to other consults within the Charlotte area, just to meet with different surgeons and hear about their methods.”

Kate liked what she heard from the Charlotte Plastic Surgery team. “It’s one of those things where you go with your gut,” she says. “It’s about whether you feel comfortable with the surgeon, and whether you feel comfortable with the staff and what they are recommending. Truth be told, I went with my gut feeling. I met with different doctors and was most comfortable with the provider at CPS.”

Kate goes on to say that her surgeon helped calm her nerves and allay her fears. “I honestly didn’t feel nervous going into the surgery,” she declares. “This was the first surgery I’ve ever had, and I’m almost 40. It’s been a great experience.”

Expectations and Reality 

When considering tummy tuck reviews, it’s always wise to weigh expectations against actual outcomes. Kate says her own experience far surpassed her anticipation.

“It’s a major procedure, and it’s invasive,” she says. “I knew I would have some pain post-op, as you use your abdominal muscles to do everything. You don’t realize how much you use your abs until you have surgery on them. The post-op pain was my biggest reservation.”

Continues Kate, “I’m extremely active, I have two children, and I work full time. Again, my biggest concern was the down time and the period of rest and recovery.” Kate says she’s in good shape overall, and was careful to listen to all the doctor’s orders, both pre-op and post-op.

She also notes that, having never had a major surgery before, she just wasn’t sure how her body would react. Thankfully, she found her surgeon to be reassuring, and many of these anxieties were set to rest.

“Going into it, you just listen to your body,” Kate says. “My surgeon encouraged me to just be mindful of my own limitations, rather than giving me a long list of don’t-dos. Everybody’s different, and some people have the worst recovery, but I was up and active pretty quickly.”

The Results 

Of course, tummy tuck review should always comment on the results of the procedure.

“Five weeks ago, I had surgery,” Kate says. “The first time you see it, it’s very swollen. You don’t realize how much your body is really changing. But I’ve been taking my own photos to see the results for myself. I took a picture the morning I had surgery, and when I look at it now, it’s weird. I have my body back! It’s definitely a great feeling. My body looks so different from five weeks ago.”

Says Kate, “I had a little extra skin around my stomach, and now it’s a thrill just to have a belly button again!”

Recommending it to Friends

We asked Kate if she ever recommends the tummy tuck procedure to friends or shares her story with others who are considering the procedure. She gave an enthusiastic,“Yes!”

“People look at me and can’t believe I’m up and about already, doing things,” she says. “It’s definitely helped change people’s perception of what surgery can be. You see these horror stories on social media, and that gives it a bad rap. But when people see my results and they see me up and moving around, it changes the way they look at plastic surgery.”

“I actually could wear a bikini if I wanted to, because now my stomach looks normal again,” Kate goes on. “It doesn’t even look like I’ve had surgery. I don’t think anyone would look at me and think I’d had plastic surgery.”

The Charlotte Plastic Surgery Difference

As for why she chose Charlotte Plastic Surgery, Kate says one factor was the use of drains. The other practices she consulted with all employ post-surgical drains, which are “gross, inconvenient, and have the infection risk factor,” Kate explains. CPS’ drainless approach really appealed to her.

She also notes that she likes CPS’ approach to pain management. “The use of Exparel was enticing,” she comments. “I was eager to avoid using a lot of prescription pain medications. Truth be told, I took some Ibuprofen after my procedure and that was it.”

Get More Tummy Tuck Reviews

As a follow-up to this tummy tuck review story, we’ll simply note that Kate is back to regular exercise and normal physical activity; she knows she still has a ways to go before she’s completely back to her regular level of vigor, but overall she’s very pleased with her results, her recovery, and her overall experience at Charlotte Plastic Surgery.

We hope you’ve found her testimonial to be meaningful. If you’re curious to learn more about tummy tucks, or would like to hear some other patient endorsements, we welcome you to contact Charlotte Plastic Surgery when you’re ready to take the next step in this life-changing journey!