When is the Best Time to Get Plastic Surgery?

When it comes to cosmetic surgery, it’s only natural to want everything to go just right. You hope for the best—not just with your procedure, but also with the results. And, as part of that, you want to get the timing of it just right. But what does that mean, exactly? When is the best time to schedule plastic surgery?

Say you’re playing a role in an upcoming wedding, and really want to look your best for the big day. Of course, you’ll want to plan your procedure before the wedding, but not right before it. You want to leave yourself plenty of time to heal, to move past any swelling or redness toward a more natural, discreet look.

That’s one aspect of timing, but there’s also the issue of seasonality.  This certainly affects the best time to schedule plastic surgery.  Simply put, certain procedures tend to be more popular during certain times of the year, and plastic surgeons know to prepare themselves for swells of interest during these peak months.

Some of these seasonal factors you can probably guess. For instance, if you’re having a procedure done to minimize your “double chin,” it makes sense to have the procedure during fall or winter, when you can layer yourself under scarves and turtlenecks to hide some of the immediate after-effects.

But of course, that’s just one example among many. The important thing is that, as you think about your own cosmetic procedure, you understand the benefits of doing it now versus later. Of course, it helps to speak with your surgeon, who can advise you on how long the recovery will take—a key point to consider as you try to determine the best time to schedule plastic surgery.

The Seasonality of Plastic Surgery

In addition to speaking with your surgeon, it’s also wise to weigh some of the pros and cons that come with particular parts of the year.


We’ll start with springtime. This is a season when many men and women alike start thinking seriously about plastic surgery—and for one simple reason: As the days get warmer, you start thinking more and more about the upcoming “swimsuit season,” and want to do whatever you can to look and feel your very best.

Spring happens to be an excellent time to schedule procedures such as breast augmentation, liposuction, Cool Sculpting (contouring), and even minor facial surgeries. For one thing, you can give yourself time to heal before swimsuit season is upon you. And, as the season changes, you can make modifications to your wardrobe, hair, and makeup, all of which can minimize any after-effects of your procedure.


For most individuals, summer is not the best time for a procedure. You don’t have many opportunities to dress in layers during the summer months, which can make it harder to keep your recovery discreet. And the last thing you want to do is put a damper on your summer vacation plans by having any kind of surgical procedure done. Who wants to rest and recover in bed when you could be swimming and sunning at the lake? Also, did we mention that sun exposure is not good for scars and can make them darker and thicker?

With that said, there may be some for whom summer makes the most sense for a surgery. If you find yourself busy with work and school commitments during the year, but you have a break during summer, that may be your best option. What’s more, there are a number of very minor procedures that you can commit to in the summer without having to worry about recovery, including the use of fillers and injectables, which typically won’t require much at all in terms of healing.


The autumn months, on the other hand, can be ideal for a wide range of procedures, including body contouring, breast surgeries, and even more serious “nose jobs” (rhinoplasty) and facial procedures. As kids go back to school and vacations come to an end, most patients find themselves with more time to dedicate to their procedure and recovery.

What’s more, autumn weather allows you to start layering – something really beneficial for those liposuction or tummy tuck patients who might need to wear lower body compression garments for a few weeks after surgery.  It’s also a great time to simply make changes to your hair and makeup that mask any swelling or scarring that results from a cosmetic surgery. Again, if you’re trying to be fairly discreet, fall has a lot of benefits.


That leaves us with winter. You probably don’t want to schedule any major procedures for early winter, and risk not looking or feeling your best for your family’s holiday gatherings. Immediately after Christmas, though, is one of the most popular times of the year to seek any kind of procedure—including major ones like tummy tucks, nose jobs, face lifts, and beyond.

The holidays are a great time because you can wrap yourself in sweaters and blankets and have a perfectly good excuse to lay low and concentrate on healing; and during winter weather, you have a good reprieve from harsh sunlight.  A lot of patients have paid time off or holiday vacation time that they can take advantage of before the year comes to close.  And for some, potential caregivers have time off from work to help with recovery.  Winter is great for financial reasons too – for those of us who have a Christmas bonus coming from our employer, the holidays are great if you’re saving up for that dream procedure.

The one caveat here is that winter weather often brings with it colds, sinus infections, and even the flu—and if you happen to come down with something, it’s important to reschedule your procedure. Talk with your doctor about taking antibiotics or other medications to stay healthy in the weeks leading up to your plastic surgery.

When Should You Schedule Your Plastic Surgery?

There’s no one right time to plan a plastic surgery. A lot of it comes down to your own schedule, and the time of the year when you’ll have the most time to recover.

As you consider the scheduling of your procedure, though, it’s important to gather as much information as possible—and that means meeting with a surgeon. Make an appointment with one of our providers at Charlotte Plastic Surgery, and learn more about the kind of recovery time you can expect for your desired procedure. You can even ask which time of the year is most recommended for the surgery in question, and we’ll be happy to offer some recommendations and advice.

At Charlotte Plastic Surgery, we share your desire to have everything go just right for your procedure, and are always eager to advise on all the finer points—including the timing. Contact us today to schedule a consultation, and start thinking really seriously about changing the way you look and feel.