Once I made up in my mind to have a breast augmentation, it was imperative for me to find an MD who had experience and made me feel comfortable. Dr. Finical and Charlotte Plastic Surgery exceeded my expectations. I was welcomed with warm spirits and open arms. All of my questions were answered in detail and all of my concerns addressed. I am beyond happy with my results and recommend CPS to address all of your needs. From skin care to augmentations they are the premier choice.

“I am beyond happy with my results and recommend CPS to address all of your needs.”

More on my story:

Why did you choose to have a cosmetic procedure?

  • I wanted to give my confidence a boost and improve my appearance. I was not always lean with a muscular frame, so I wanted to feel more feminine.

How did you feel after having your procedure? Were you happy? More confident?

  • I was extremely happy and more confident.

Why did you choose Charlotte Plastic Surgery? Dr. Finical?

  • I heard great reviews and had a few friends who sought his skills in the past.

What were some of the considerations that you took into account before getting cosmetic surgery and/or choosing CPS?

  • Recovery time. Cost. Staff personality. Reviews.

Is there anything else that you’d like to share with a visitor to our website?

  • If you want to experience A+ service, and to feel welcomed, more confident and comfortable in your body I recommend Charlotte Plastic Surgery.
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