You could say I’m a tough customer when it comes to choosing a surgeon. I’m a former critical care, emergency room and bone marrow transplant registered nurse. I’ve been involved in the aesthetic industry in various roles since 1995, working with plastic surgeons and cosmetic dermatologists as well as developing, operating and being employed in the medical spa environment. So it’s been my experience that finding skilled, caring and ethical physicians in this field can be difficult.

That said, when I made the decision to have elective surgery a few years ago, I asked a colleague – a product representative who services the local plastic surgeons – for a recommendation. Without hesitation, the response was: “Charlotte Plastic Surgery. They are hands down the best.”

“I’m proud to be a coworker and a patient.”

I had my first consultation with Dr. Michael Beasley. His nurse Janis was so kind and made me feel comfortable, which I appreciated because it’s never easy to discuss plastic surgery with a stranger. Dr. Beasley was incredibly professional and within minutes made me feel I had made the correct choice. His patient coordinator completed the process with effortless ease and without a hint of pushy salesmanship.

My surgery went off without a problem, and the clinical staff was attentive and top-notch. I experienced no post-operative complications and was home by noon. A phone call from Dr. Beasley later that evening to see how I was doing was an extra special touch I hadn’t expected. My results are flawless. I could not be happier. Charlotte Plastic Surgery delivers beautiful, natural results by a team of board-certified plastic surgeons supported by a team that is second to none.

It was because of my experience and level of trust and confidence that I decided to join the team at Charlotte Plastic Surgery. These are some of the hardest working, most dedicated people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with, and I’m proud to be both a coworker and a patient.

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