I have always been self-conscious about my profile for two reasons: my nose and my double chin. I had thought about getting my nose done for a long time, but never knew there was anything I could do about the fat under my chin – that is, until I came to work at Charlotte Plastic Surgery. When I talked to the surgeons and found out there was a procedure for liposuction under the chin, I was sold!

“I love my profile now.”

I decided to have the rhinoplasty and submental liposuction done at the same time. It turned out to be a great decision. The surgery and recovery were both very tolerable for me and side effects were minimal. I was so excited to see my results. Dr. Finical did an amazing job smoothing out the bump on my nose as well as getting rid of all the fat under my chin. I love my profile now and am so happy that I had it done.

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