When I decided I was ready to proceed with breast augmentation surgery, I researched and consulted multiple surgeons across North Carolina and into Virginia, from Roanoke to Virginia Beach. But from my first meeting with Dr. Finical and his staff, I knew Charlotte Plastic Surgery was the right place for me.

“I literally couldn’t have asked for more.”

I had always been interested in breast implants, but it became a very immediate need after I had committed to regular exercise that resulted in some weight loss and significant reduction in breast tissue. Dr. Finical made the process a breeze by taking the time to explain all options and risks to help me make the best decisions for me. Charlotte Plastic Surgery was extremely accommodating considering I live nearly three hours away from the office. This was my first surgery of any kind, and Dr. Finical took the time to ensure I was comfortable with everything and understood realistic expectations for my surgery and recovery process. It could not have gone smoother and was far easier than I had expected.

I was able to return to work on post-op day four with minimal pain. Unfortunately on post-op day six, I fell and sustained a tear of my implant pocket, which led to significant internal bleeding. Despite being a Sunday, I received a return call from Dr. Finical himself within minutes. As I was out of town and unable to make the long drive that day, Dr. Finical and his team met with me first thing the following morning to perform a second surgery to remove the blood, at no additional cost. He and his staff were so caring, attentive and accommodating throughout the entire process, I literally couldn’t have asked for more! I’m so happy with the results; nobody would even know I had complications thanks to Dr. Finical. The facility is gorgeous, top-of-the-line and private, allowing for the most comfortable and pleasurable experience. Charlotte Plastic Surgery has more than exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Dr. Finical and am eternally grateful for all he has done for me.

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