For my 50th birthday, I chose a gift with very personal meaning: a Mommy Makeover including a breast augmentation and tummy tuck. This came after years of raising two wonderful children who are now in college. I chose to put my career on hiatus during those years, and stayed current and engaged by launching myself into volunteer leadership roles at my children’s school. Now, I look forward to the potential of returning to the working world, and building on my new skill set.

“A gift for myself.”

While my chronological age is what it is, my mind and body ignore it. I am, at all costs, in love with fitness. My level of physical activity is measurable on a daily basis. Health and well-being is an essential combination for me as it directly relates to my success and influence on the people I serve and with whom I surround myself.

At this juncture, I knew that I was ready to make the move with Charlotte Plastic Surgery. In my opinion, the outside was ready to match the inside. The personal and cooperative interaction with my Dr. and his staff, coupled with my state of mind and body, created a perfect combination for success. I am elated with the results, grateful to my Dr. and attribute it to a perfect collision of conditions.

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