“Everyone I asked pointed me directly to Charlotte Plastic Surgery.”

The reasons I chose Charlotte Plastic surgery are as follows:

  • The reputation of Charlotte Plastic Surgery was simply dramatically better than any other group in the area and CPS is well known throughout the country as a leader in this industry. When you are flying coast to coast and find them profiled in a national magazine as achieving consistent dynamic results, it leads to a great level of comfort and confidence in your choice.
  • The personal relationship I was able to forge with the physician and his ability to address the appropriateness of the procedure and the reasonably measurable results I would achieve. I’m a business man. I make practical and measurable decisions for a living. I want to know the real outcome before I commit to anything. I knew exactly what to expect.
  • Ask other nurses in other operating rooms if you want to know who is the absolute best. Everyone I asked pointed me directly to Charlotte Plastic Surgery.
  • There was much more time spent on exactly what procedures and would be right for me at my age. I’m not 30, and I did not want to try to look 30. I wanted to look the absolute best I could for my age. Through the responses I received after my treatment, I am confident in my results.
  • While competing on a daily basis internationally and with the Wall Street crowd, confidence is a must. I now enjoy a renewed sense of tenacity in my life.

Quite the opposite of my old, tired look; I now look and feel very focused and dynamic. With Charlotte Plastic Surgery, I have become the “best me I can be.”

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