I had always been athletic and within my ideal weight range, 5’3”, 135 pounds. Then I had my twins, and not surprisingly I gained a lot of weight. I worked hard, and after losing over 50 pounds of baby weight, I was left with unsightly loose skin as well as a prominent rectus diastasis. I knew there was only one option: plastic surgery.

“It’s hard to beat the credentials and experience of Charlotte Plastic Surgery. I am thrilled with my results.”

The difficult question was, who should I trust with such a major surgery? I wasn’t interested in a practice just because it was close to home, or had the lowest prices. So I started my research and also asked for advice from my fellow mothers of multiples. I scheduled consultations, and nobody seemed quite right, until I met Dr. Beasley at Charlotte Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Beasley is board-certified, which to me is an essential qualification (ladies, do your research!). He attended one of the nation’s top schools for plastic surgery and was selected as one of “America’s Top Plastic Surgeons.” Not only is Dr. Beasley well qualified and experienced, he makes your safety and well being a priority. And his listening skills are excellent.

Yes, I wanted my flat stomach back, but not at the risk of my safety. Dr. Beasley was one of the few plastic surgeons who realistically discussed the benefits and risks of my abdominoplasty. I already knew he had outstanding credentials, but he earned my respect with his honesty. I think it also says a lot that he has worked with his nurse Janis for more than 20 years. Janis is sympathetic, very knowledgeable and accessible in need. She was comforting and helped calm my fears.

I had my abdominoplasty performed in September 2013 by Dr. Beasley and I am thrilled with my results. The staff at Charlotte Plastic Surgery was very attentive and courteous throughout the entire procedure. Based on other consultations, their services are reasonably priced and they have great financing options to help you accomplish your personal goals.

If you’re considering plastic surgery, I hope you’ll do your research. Rest assured, it’s hard to beat the credentials and experience of Dr. Beasley and the staff of Charlotte Plastic Surgery.

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