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I want you to know I am enjoying my new face A LOT! Each new day is joy as the swelling is going down. I don’t know what you did but it is beautiful and I am deeply moved to have it to share with the world. Thank you to all the nurses in the surgical suite, you all are so kind and created such an atmosphere of safety and security. I am deeply grateful for your care.

– Susan

I had the best experience with Dr. Nyame. He made me feel really comfortable at my initial consultation. I left his office knowing that I was in good hands and had nothing to worry about. The surgery went great and Dr. Nyame is such a perfectionist. I highly recommend Dr. Nyame!

– Anonymous

Dr. Smith was very attentive to what I was asking for. I felt very comfortable with him and his staff throughout the entire process. He took the guesswork out of it for me as he recommended an implant size for me to start and I came extremely close when picking the final size for my implants.

– Anonymous

I had a wonderful experience with my physician and my tummy tuck surgery. Pain was extremely tolerable and I was able to switch over to Tylenol and / or Motrin within a few days! I am already amazed at the wonderful results and the phenomenal care I have received at Charlotte Plastic Surgery! Thank you!

– Megan C

Dr. Smith makes you feel comfortable right away. He uses the latest techniques and customizes surgery to each person. I am thrilled with my results and would definitely come back in the future.

– Anna

I had my breast augmentation on 10th December 2015. Dr. Theo Nyame did an amazing job! I had a somewhat difficult case, he worked his magic and I am very pleased with the outcome. Very minimal bruising, hardly any pain post op all because of Theo’s great attention to detail and his will to make them perfect! Would highly recommend. Thank you Theo for a very successful surgery!

– Anonymous

Loved the personal care and attention I received. You are not just a patient, you are a precious person put in their care and they take amazing care of you and your needs.

– Beth

Words alone can’t describe how great it was to work with Dr. Nyame, I am more than happy with the outcome of my procedure and if I ever have anything else that needs to be done I will seek Dr. Nyame no matter where I am or where he is. Definitely worth it, I have had a great experience working with him and his staff. I can honestly say it was the best medical experience/surgery I have ever had…coming from someone who’s undergone several reconstructive surgeries due to sports.

– Anonymous

Words alone can’t describe how great it was to work with Dr. Nyame, I am more than happy with the outcome of my procedure and if I ever have anything else that needs to be done I will seek Dr. Nyame no matter where I am or where he is. Definitely worth it, I have had a great experience working with him and his staff. I can honestly say it was the best medical experience/surgery I have ever had…coming from someone who’s undergone several reconstructive surgeries due to sports.

– Anonymous

My Dr. is amazing! His bedside manner is exceptional and he is the sole reason I finally followed through with my surgery. I am so thrilled with my tummy tuck and would recommend my physician to anyone.

– Tiffani

Dr. Beasley and his surgical technician made me feel like I was their only patient. They gave me the individual attention I was looking to receive.

– Suzanne

Dr. Nyame is the best. It was a pleasure working with him and his team. I’ve never had a doctor as great as he was. He was understanding of my condition , he let me know I ease the alone that there are many other men who get this procedure done. Dr. Nyame makes his patients a priority. He called me after my procedure on his personal cell just to make sure I was doing okay, and made sure I knew he’d be available to me when and if I needed. My only complaint is I got attached to a great physician and was bummed when I was all healed up. I’d do this again and again if I could work with Dr. Nyame every single time. 100 out of 10 stars. Look no further, please call Charlotte Plastic Surgery and make sure you see Dr. Nyame, you’ll be in the best hands, and you’ll make a best friend.

– Anonymous

Since June 21, 2013, I have had 28 appointments at Charlotte Plastic Surgery and have not had one negative experience at any of them. I feel extremely safe, comfortable and happy with the care I have received and continue to receive. Thanks to all!

– JoAnn

Going into a medical procedure is scary especially for someone who has never had any type of procedure done. The entire staff at Charlotte Plastic Surgery made me feel completely comfortable from the receptionist to the anesthesiologist. Thank you for making my experience a good one!

– Louise

Dr. Theodore Nyame is an angel! He is kind personable and truly listens to what his patients are looking for. After breast feeding two children I felt insecure and unattractive, yet I continued my workout routine at my local gym. Realizing that it was how my clothes looked on, was a big issue I decided to look into a breast lift with implants. Dr. Nyame help’d me in making the best decision for my small frame. It will only be a week since my surgery but I feel amazing, his positive words and encouragement have helped me to not feel judged and vulnerable after my procedure.

– Anonymous

This letter is written to express my complete satisfaction with the knowledgeable care that I have been fortunate enough to receive over the past 12 years at CPS. More specifically with Ginger Whisnant, my esthetician and skin care “guru”. The results have produced a ‘younger than I am’ complexion; at 65 that means a lot to me. My total trust with her, the products and services offered at Charlotte P.S. cannot be over stated. I am grateful for the day my friend said let’s go to CPS.

– Murielle

My name is Hannah. I had a wonderful experience with our doctor and Lisa. Our doctor was so caring and compassionate. He was straight-forward and open to all my questions. I felt like I was heard and respected by the entire staff. Our doctor made me feel like the success of my surgery meant as much to him as it did to me and that was the best feeling to have for something so life-changing. I am overwhelmingly happy with my service and results. I will be sad to not have my real check-ins at the office because of the wonderful care I have been provided. I waited ten years for this procedure and feel like it happened at the right place and time because our doctor was the ideal match for a surgeon for me!

– Hannah

I got tired of not seeing results after years of working out. I could tone most of my body, but my stomach clearly wasn’t budging. Getting a tummy tuck was a great decision for me. I am still healing, but I am already able to wear shirts I never could before, my tummy is so flat and I am only 4 WEEKS post-surgery. Dr. Smith was a wonderful doctor. He was patient will all my numerous questions, he was also excited for me and the outcome he could provide me. The recovery has been a lot better than I thought it was going to be. The pain wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be and not having drains was really nice because I could get up and walk around. I am confident in a few months that I will have the flat tummy and back that I always wanted.

– Rachel

I had surgery yesterday and, again, I was so impressed with everyone involved. The pre-op nurses so professional and caring (sweet and humorous too), the nice lady that put me under, Lisa and our doctor, everyone. All of you have treated me so special and that includes the pretty ladies at the front. Of course that includes you and Leslee. After I am released feel free to use me as a reference. I feel so lucky that I picked your business for my surgery. I just want all of you to know how much I appreciate you making this a good experience. Thank you, all of you!

– Linda

I am 33 and have had two children. I have wanted to do this for 15 years. I was very self-conscious of my appearance and limited myself to what I could wear due to needing to wear a padded push up bra at all times. My fiancé told me to do it, he saw how jealous I was of women with breasts. So this September I went for a consultation and scheduled my appointment for surgery. I went with 421 cc above the muscle. I am now two weeks post op and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I have the self confidence that I have always wanted. Thank you to Dr. Smith and staff, you all have been so helpful and wonderful.

– Jessica

I appreciate Dr. Smith’s honesty in explaining why a procedure would not give me results I was seeking. A GOOD surgeon will tell a patient “no”. I appreciated this!

– Gina

I was terribly nervous electing for surgery with three kids at home. I don’t think I could have imagined a better experience. Thank you all!

– Kelly

I have had a very good experience with your practice and feel extremely confident about the experience and clinical care I have received.

– Susan

I have contemplated breast reduction for years, it was not until I met with Dr. Nyame that I realized that I would move forward with the procedure. Dr. Nyame is a gifted surgeon who truly cares about his patients and provides professional care with a personal touch. I am indeed satisfied! Call him!

– Anonymous

I was well pleased with the interactions with the staff and my surgeon. I was informed about the before and after care of my surgery sites and had everything I needed to attend to all areas. Overall it was a great experience!

– Kim

I was very pleased with my consultation with Dr. Smith and would feel very confident going forward with him performing surgery. I am currently considering financial issues with regard to going forward.

– Wanda

Dr. Smith listened to what I was looking for in my breast surgery. He recommended the perfect implant size and was able to decrease the size of my areola. He achieved a very natural looking result and I am thrilled.

– Shannon

I always had ‘man boobs’ regardless of my wight, which had fluctuated 90 lbs over the last 10 yrs. I had lost motivation to exercise or loose weight b/c regardless of how much I lost, I still had man boobs. NO MORE!!! Dr. N was awesome, incredible bed side manner, clearly explained expectations, and most of all, GREAT results. should have done it 10 yrs ago.

– Anonymous

When you are considering major surgery, such as abdominoplasty, you need to do your research. When you do, you’ll see that Dr. Beasley’s credentials speak volumes about his professional experience. I scheduled many consults prior to choosing Dr. Beasley and most surgeons were willing to liposuction everything in conjunction with my tummy tuck. It was a little concerning but I did feel like Dr. Beasley was looking out for my best interest. He was very thorough explaining the details of the procedure, addressing my concerns and expectations. After having twins, I had some unsightly loose skin and a prominent rectus diastasis that needed repair. He was the only surgeon that openly discussed the risks of having everything done at once. He certainly met my criteria with credentials, safety conscience, and honesty. You can feel rest assured Dr. Beasley will be genuine about your surgical needs and realistic expectations. I am 5 weeks out and still healing, but very satisfied. I highly recommend Dr. Beasley!

– Beth

I’d like to tell you how lucky I feel to have found our doctor to undertake my breast reconstruction after mastectomy . I’ll try to make it quick, so I won’t bore the pants off of you!

You see, I have an advantage, and a disadvantage . My advantage is I’ve been an intensive care RN for 14 years, plus 3 more years in the Emergency Department. My disadvantage is the same. My background leads me to research material that can be good information, but it also sometimes causes me anxiety about making the “right” decision.

I interviewed 3 plastic surgeons, and in the end, I know I picked the very best one for me. Our doctor is a great listener, offers options, and always makes sure all my questions are satisfied. And I can ask a ton of them! He actually collaborates with you about what you want your end result to be, as opposed to just telling you how its going to get done. He’s just a genuinely happy and gracious person who seems to really enjoy his art and his work, and that is huge nowadays. He always lets me know what he thinks our timeline of completion will be at every appointment, so its nice to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

He and his team are always a pleasure to be around. How strongly do I feel about this? I am driving 2.5 hours one way from Asheville to be his patient. And I am glad to do it. I have a sense of calm and complete trust with him. I feel I can relax, and he is going to take care of me. That has not been the case with every physician I’ve worked with since I was diagnosed with breast cancer in February.

I’m confident I’m going to actually look better than I did before my diagnosis. In fact, I’ve even asked him to do my upper eyelids too!

My number one piece of advice to you if you are facing breast cancer, find your plastic surgeon first, before you do anything else. Then go from there.

– Anonymous

I cannot recommend my Dr. enough! For many years I debated on having plastic surgery. After having two children, the second one weighing 9 ½ lbs, I felt my stomach was stretched to the max. No matter how hard I tried with exercise and diet I could never achieve the results I wanted. My Dr. and his expert skills in plastic surgery have changed my life. I once again feel confident to wear anything I desire. I only wish I would have had the surgery earlier instead of waiting seven years after the birth of my last child. My Dr. is truly an exceptional physician and surgeon. My whole experience, from consultation to post operation, with my Dr. and his staff was absolutely wonderful. He and Amanda made me feel so comfortable and answered any and all questions I had about the procedure. He was honest and I did not feel pressured about implant sizing or doing the surgery. I felt 100% comfortable with my Dr. as my surgeon and did not need to get other consultations. I knew right away he was the doctor for me! His staff was very patient with me while I chose an implant size and followed up with me quickly about any additional questions I had after consultation and leading up to the surgery. I initially felt a little overwhelmed with so many options, but after talking with my Dr. and his staff I was able to choose the PERFECT implant size for me. I never felt rushed or pressured. They all helped me tremendously and I greatly appreciate all their advice and help. The surgery staff was amazing too. This being my first surgery, I was quite nervous and didn’t know what to expect. They put all my nerves at ease and took great care of me. The entire surgery experience was wonderful. I absolutely LOVE my results! He gave me so much more self-confidence. I have received so many compliments since the surgery. He did a phenomenal job and is a superb surgeon. I truly feel blessed and am so grateful to have him as my surgeon. I HIGHLY recommend him to anyone considering a mommy maker over or any plastic surgery procedure!! Thank you again!!

– Anonymous



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