How to Maintain Plastic Surgery Results with Body Contouring Treatment

Cosmetic surgery can be highly beneficial, resulting in a refreshed physical appearance and a heightened sense of self-confidence. It’s important to approach cosmetic surgery with the right perspective, however. It’s not a one-time event but an investment… and investment of your time and your resources. And like any investment, it’s important that you protect it, achieving successful cosmetic surgery results.

Specifically, you don’t want the results of your plastic surgery to “wear off” too soon. Thankfully, most of our patients report extremely high levels of satisfaction, and their results last for many years. With that said, there are some simple steps you can take to achieving successful cosmetic surgery results and to keep them from diminishing prematurely. Think of it as protecting your investment.

We’ll outline some of the best ways to maintain your plastic surgery results here, particularly focusing on body contouring treatment.

achieving successful cosmetic surgery results

How to Maintain Plastic Surgery Results

Before we get into body contouring treatment, let’s look at a couple of lifestyle factors.

Diet and Exercise

It’s almost a cliché, but there’s really a lot of truth to it: If you want to maintain the results of your plastic surgery, the best thing you can do is simply live a healthy lifestyle. This is part of the reason why we tend to recommend plastic surgery primarily for patients who have already achieved a sustainable body weight and some good habits of nutrition and physical activity.

By continuing to eat well and exercise following your cosmetic procedure, you can not only maintain your results but also ensure that you feel great.

Skincare Routine

Something else we’d recommend for those looking to maintain their plastic surgery outcomes: Abide by some healthy skincare routine practices. This is something you should focus on immediately after your cosmetic surgery, as it can minimize the appearance of scarring.

As for how to practice proper skin care, that’s something to ask your surgeon. You might also inquire about clinical-grade skin products you can use during your recovery.

Healthy Habits

In the weeks leading up to plastic surgery, your surgeon will implore you to stop smoking and curb your alcohol consumption. These are both important steps to ensure a healthy healing process. We’d recommend that you continue to abstain from nicotine and alcohol following your operation, at the very least for the first few weeks of your recovery. This will help in achieving successful cosmetic surgery results.

What About Body Contouring Treatments?

These lifestyle considerations are all important, but body contouring treatments can also be an effective way to maintain your plastic surgery results.

What is body contouring, exactly? It’s often confused with weight loss procedures, but they’re not really the same thing. Body contouring isn’t about moving the number you see on the scale. Instead, it’s all about eliminating extra deposits of fat around your body and toning the underlying skin. Body contouring helps streamline your body, removing those saggy, flabby areas that don’t respond to diet and exercise.

There are a number of body contouring procedures available, including surgical and non-surgical methods. These body contouring treatments can help you hold on to your streamlined physique and continue to look and feel your best.

A lot of our patients come to us asking about body contouring as a way to “touch up” following a plastic surgery. The question is, what are the best body contouring treatments for those who have already had a cosmetic procedure?

The answer varies according to the patient and his or her needs, but a couple of options tend to work well for those looking to maintain their surgery results: CoolTone and Profound RF Treatments.


CoolTone is a relatively new innovation from the same company that developed CoolSculpting, though it doesn’t work in the same way at all. CoolSculpting is all about freezing and killing fat cells, while CoolTone uses magnetic stimulation to force involuntary contractions. This has the effect of strengthening muscle fiber, which can lead to an overall more toned appearance. If you’re looking for a non-surgical option for better muscle definition, this is something to strongly consider. We welcome you to contact us for additional details.

CoolTone Patient Results



Profound RF 

The other option we’d recommend is Profound RF. You’re probably familiar with microneedling; Profound RF is a microneedling device that implements long-pulse, radiofrequency energy, delivering just the right amount of energy to firm up and tighten the skin. It’s another excellent option for anyone looking to keep their skin taut and smooth following cosmetic surgery, and it doesn’t involve any kind of surgical intervention. Again, we invite you to reach out to CPS with any questions about the best body contouring treatments.

Profound RF Patient Results

Profound case 10


Which Body Contouring Treatment is Right for You?

As you think about different ways to maintain the results of your plastic surgery, we’d invite you to keep these body contouring procedures in mind. The question is, which option is best for you?

That’s something that can only be answered on an individual basis, via consultation with one of our surgeons. We’re happy to sit down with you, talk about your goals, and recommend a body contouring option that aligns with your wishes. Of course, we are also pleased to answer your questions or to show you before-and-after photos, helping you fully comprehend what these procedures involve.

The consultation process is important to us, and it’s something we insist upon for all cosmetic surgery patients. A consultation allows us to really hear what you hope to achieve, and to ensure that everyone’s on the same page with their expectations. It also allows us to qualify you, ensuring you are an eligible candidate for a safe surgical procedure. We invite patients to ask us about how long their plastic surgery results will last, and we can suggest ways you can be proactive in maintaining those results.

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