Dr. Smith on advancements in abdominoplasty and recovery

Recovery time and comfort level are two major factors we always try to prepare patients for as they plan for surgery. And we always strive to minimize recovery time and maximize comfort through proven methods. Recent strides in abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck methods, as well as anesthesia, are making patients feel better — sooner — following surgery.

For patients considering abdominoplasty, there have been some game-changing products and procedures making recovery much easier than before. Progressive tension sutures, which are made below the skin and therefore aren’t visible, have allowed us to eliminate the drain tubes often used after a tummy tuck. This means less hassle and discomfort, and a quicker return to your daily activities.

In addition, Charlotte Plastic Surgery physicians have seen the enormous benefits of EXPAREL, an injectable anesthetic that reduces narcotic pain pill requirements by an average of 60%. By using EXPAREL, pain is effectively managed “during the critically important 72 hours after surgery,” says Dr. Finical, “while reducing the need for opioid medications that can result in a host of unwanted side effects.”

Dr. Smith is seeing results with patients too, with positive post-surgical results in “patient-reported pain, satisfaction, and quality of life scores,” as found in the EXCLAIM study into EXPAREL’s use.

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