Breast Augmentation Through the Eyes of a Medical Professional

If you’ve never had cosmetic surgery before, it’s only natural to wonder what the process is really like. It’s a little different for each patient, and as such, it can be instructive to consider several different experiences. That’s where Shelley comes in. Shelley is one of our patients that recently came in for a breast augmentation consultation. Read on to learn what happens at a breast augmentation consultation.

She also happens to be a medical professional, so she’s got a pretty good idea of how healthcare procedures are supposed to work “behind the scenes.” We were so grateful that Shelley was willing to share what it was like to go under the knife at Charlotte Plastic Surgery—and today, we’re going to share her story with all of you.

Shelley’s Research

Let’s start by getting to know our patient. Shelley is a nurse, currently employed at a breast center. She, as much as anyone, wanted to ensure that her breast augmentation, starting with her breast augmentation consultation, was handled with the highest possible clinical standards—so before she chose Charlotte Plastic Surgery, she did plenty of online research. Shelly wanted to know what to expect at a breast augmentation consultation.

Specifically, Shelley:

  • Asked for recommendations from the people she trusted most on matters of breast health—specifically, the doctors and nurses she works with.
  • Did plenty of independent Internet research, including consulting online reviews at sites such as Google and RealSelf.
  • She searched breast augmentation consultation what to expect” so she knew what to expect.
  • Explored the Charlotte Plastic Surgery website to view real patient before-and-after photos, letting her see for herself the kind of results we achieve here.

We’re always encouraged to see patients who are rigorous in their research and commend Shelley’s example to you all.

Her Breast Augmentation Consultation

After doing her research, Shelley’s next step was to schedule a consultation. She wanted to have some time to get to know her surgeon; likewise, the surgeons here at Charlotte Plastic Surgery are always eager to spend time with patients, getting to know them and to understand their concerns and their goals.

One breast augmentation consultation wasn’t enough for Shelley—and we think that’s wise! In fact, she scheduled other consultations with other surgeons so that she could explore various options and make an educated choice based on personal interaction. This is a common practice that happens at a breast augmentation consultation.

We can’t endorse this mindset highly enough. At our practice, we live by this mantra: “A second consultation is always better than a second surgery.” We welcome our patients to meet with as many surgeons as they need to in order to feel totally confident in the decision they make.

And incidentally, this is one of the perks of a practice with six doctors; there’s always someone available for a second opinion!

Scrutinizing CPS

In the time Shelley spent here at Charlotte Plastic Surgery, there were a few particular elements she was looking for.

  • As a nurse, she was concerned about safety first and foremost. That’s why she asked us about our AAAASF (American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities) certification. The AAAASF is the gold standard in accreditation for surgical facilities, and we encourage all patients to inquire about this. As Shelley will attest, there’s no better way to know that you are in good hands with your surgeon of choice.


  • Another thing that interested Shelley? Compassionate care. Again, as a nurse, this hit close to home. What she found at Charlotte Plastic Surgery is that we have a robust philosophy of comprehensive patient care. We want everyone to feel like they are being cared for properly from the initial consultation through after-care and recovery. And, we know that this looks a little different for each patient; there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach.


The Right Decision

Ultimately, Shelley decided Charlotte Plastic Surgery was the best choice for her—and as she made this decision, there were a few factors she weighed.

First was timing. She knew that she needed to be smart in scheduling her surgery, allowing herself plenty of time to recover. She weighed her budget, too; a deciding factor here was the no-interest financing plans we offer, such as CareCredit. Finally, Shelley thought about her family dynamics. As we always tell our female patients, it’s usually best to hold off on cosmetic procedures until you’re done having kids.

It’s important to do research and make an educated decision—but as Shelley will tell you, your brain isn’t the be-all-and-end-all. It’s also important that you tune into:

  • Your gut. You’ll probably know during the consultation whether you’re in the right place and speaking with the right doctor. Always trust those gut-level reactions!
  • Your heart. Simply put, if your surgeon is as excited about the outcome of your surgery as you are, then you know you’ve found the right physician.
  • Your instincts. No matter the distance (and indeed, Shelley lives an hour away) she drove to CPS because she knew settling for someplace closer wouldn’t give her the same quality of care.

Don’t just take our word for it, watch Shelley’s story here:

The bottom line: Be patient and rigorous in researching your surgeon. Weigh all the factors, from safety to timing. And in the end, be willing to listen to what your gut, your heart, and your instincts are telling you; usually, they’ll lead you in the right direction!

Learn More About Charlotte Plastic Surgery

We’re glad that Shelley’s research led her to schedule her breast augmentation consultation here at CPS—and we hope you’ll consider her example. As a medical professional, she wasn’t going to decide on where to go for her breast augmentation consultation lightly. The steps she took to ensure the best care are really exemplary.

To find out more about procedures at CPS, or to ask us any questions about safety and comprehensive care, we encourage you to contact us today. Charlotte Plastic Surgery is a leading name in cosmetic procedures, and we’d love to meet with you for a full consultation. Schedule yours today!