A New Body-Contouring Device: Introducing CoolTone™ by CoolSculpting®

Do you wish there was a way you could improve the visual aesthetic of muscles on your body? Perhaps your booty isn’t as perky as you’d like and no amount of squats at the gym is helping out? Maybe you’re burning through ab routines every day but you’re simply not seeing the kind of results you’d like? Well, there is a brand-new body contouring device and method available that may be exactly what you’re looking for. It is called CoolTone. Designed by the same company that manufacturers CoolSculpting devices as well as Botox, CoolTone by CoolSculpting is a body contouring device designed to help improve the visual appearance of your muscles. FDA approved and cleared for use on your body, if you’re having trouble achieving the kind of muscular tone you’d like, now might be the perfect time to check out the new body-contouring device available to you.

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New Body Contouring Device: What is CoolTone?

The body contouring CoolTone by CoolSculpting is used to help tighten and tone targeted muscle groups. The most common muscle groups are your butt, thighs, and abs, although some other areas can be targeted.

CoolTone uses what is known as magnetic muscle stimulation device (MMS) to tighten and strengthen your muscles. Magnetic muscle stimulation devices will essentially shoot electromagnetic energy directly into the targeted muscles. This energy will cause the muscle fibers to contract involuntarily. By pulsing the energy into the muscles quickly it will cause the contractions to occur rapidly. Due to this, you might experience thousands, if not tens of thousands of contractions during a single 30 minute treatment period (the muscles will be addressed from several angles to properly work for the different muscle groups within the target area).

MMS is one of the newest forms of body contouring available and it is one of the most powerful. It is 50 percent more powerful than the leading competitive method. By increasing the power of the contraction it ensures the muscles receive a full squeeze. The stronger the contraction the more work the muscle receives and the better results you’ll eventually see following the conclusion of your treatment sessions.

During the treatment, a wand-like device is used. This device, which looks like a thick handheld mirror, connects to the power source. The wand is then placed onto the target muscle group and the MMS is shot into the muscles.

The treatment does not feel uncomfortable, nor does it hurt. There are no needles involved, nor will your body experience any kind of excessive heat or freezing. It may feel a bit unusual at first as the muscles convulse, but you’ll quickly become accustomed to the feeling after a few moments. All of this is done in the office so you never need to visit the hospital and, in about 30 minutes or so, you can drive yourself home.

Body Contouring Device CoolTone Benefits

CoolTone will help tighten and tone targeted muscles. With a body contouring service, you will see an improvement in the definition of the targeted muscles. CoolTone will target fast-twitch muscle fibers. Typically, during a jog or light workout, your body will use the slow-twitch fibers (unless you’re performing sprints or explosive moves, such as shuttle runs and agility drills). By focusing on the fast-twitch muscle fibers you’ll experience a tighter, more toned visual appearance than what you might achieve working out on its own.

Additionally, unlike other body contour treatments you don’t need to wait weeks, or months before you can go back in for the next treatment. With CoolTone you can go in several times a week (your Charlotte Plastic Surgery professional will work out a schedule with you, although you generally will not want to exceed twice a week as your body does need time to recover from the treatment). This way, it may only take two or three weeks before you achieve the desired look you’re going for.

CoolTone by CoolSculpting Before and After

The body contouring device of CoolTone by CoolSculpting is one of the newest treatments available when it comes to improving the tone and visual aesthetic of muscles within your body. With that said the actual before and after you’ll experience will vary as each person is a bit different. However, there are some general improvements you should expect.

After your first service, you will likely feel a tighter muscular area. So, if you had your abs or butt targeted this area will likely feel stronger and tighter as if you just put in an extremely intense workout. However, you likely will not begin to see physical differences in your body and with how your muscles look until several services.

Your muscles will become tighter and firmer over the course of your treatments. You will begin to see new lines around your muscles and new definition you didn’t see before the beginning of the treatments. The extent of this definition will depend on your body fat percentage, so for the maximum definition, you might want to consider combining a fat removing body contouring service as well (such as CoolSculpting).

Some may see an increase in the size of their muscles. However, you should not expect any kind of massive muscular size growth. If you want to avoid bulking up you can still take advantage of the body contouring device. The only way for muscle tissue to increase in size is if the fiber is damaged (such as what happens following an extensive weight lifting session). Once the muscle fibers are damaged the body will go to work repairing the muscles. With the delivery of protein to the damaged area, the body can rebuild the muscle fiber larger than before.

With CoolTone your muscles constrict and tighten but damaging the fibers is not a regular occurrence. Some fibers may be damaged in the process, which will result in your body rebuilding the fibers, and the tighter, stronger muscle tissue may absorb more blood, which can increase the visual appearance of the muscles, but you should not expect any kind of extensive muscle growth.

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Take Advantage of CoolTone by CoolSculpting Today

If you’ve read through the information and CoolTone by CoolSculpting sounds like a kind of service you’d like to check out, now is the perfect time to set up a personal consultation at Charlotte Plastic Surgery. During the personal consultation, you’ll discover exactly what CoolTone can do for you, if your body is ready for it or if there is another body contouring device that will work better. You’ll discover all of this and have the ability to arrange your first appointment or consultation with a single phone call to Charlotte Plastic Surgery.