What Does a Mommy Makeover Consist Of?

Being a mom can be infinitely rewarding, but, as any mother will readily attest, it’s not without its sacrifices! In addition to sacrifices of your time and your energy, the mom life can also impact your physical appearance, sometimes in ways that aren’t wholly desirable. Many moms struggle with post-pregnancy weight or with sagging breasts, issues that even the most rigorous dieting and exercise can’t always address.

There are cosmetic approaches that can help you look and feel like your “old” self again, helping you regain the figure you had pre-pregnancy. We refer to this as the mommy makeover, and it’s one of the most popular services offered here at Charlotte Plastic Surgery.

But what does a mommy makeover consist of, exactly? In this post, we’ll outline what you can expect from a mommy makeover surgery.

What is a Mommy Makeover?

When we talk about a mommy makeover surgery, we’re actually talking about a combination of different procedures, all designed to help the patient achieve her pre-pregnancy look. This is naturally going to look different from one patient to the next, and as such, the specifics of a mommy makeover can be variable.

A lot of the time, a mommy makeover will involve some kind of breast intervention; this may be an augmentation (to add volume), a reduction (to reduce volume), or a breast lift (to alter shape and nipple placement). Many patients will choose a breast lift in conjunction with either an augmentation or a reduction.

A mommy makeover surgery isn’t just about the breasts, however. It can also involve weight reduction or body contouring to the abdomen, the buttocks, or any other area where stubborn pregnancy weight persists. While there are different ways of addressing this excess weight, Liposuction is the one that’s most often included in a mommy makeover.

Tummy tucks are often included in the mommy makeover as well, providing patients with a way to remove extra folds of skin and excess fat from around the abdomen.


Should I Get a Mommy Makeover?

Now that we’ve looked at what a mommy makeover consists of, the next question is: Are you a good candidate for these procedures?

We would generally recommend mommy makeovers for women who are in good health; who have reached a maintainable body weight; and who generally practice good nutrition and get regular exercise.

Additionally, we’d recommend it for women who struggle with any of these issues:

  • Sagging or drooping breasts
  • Nipples that have turned downward
  • Excess body fat/stubborn flab that exercise won’t get rid of
  • Lax skin, especially around the abdomen
  • Poor waistline contour

One thing that’s worth noting is that generally speaking, you’ll probably not want to have a mommy makeover surgery until you’re fairly certain you’re done having kids. While there is nothing bad or dangerous about having surgery and then having additional children, it may undo some of your results and essentially put you back at square one!

To learn more about whether you’re a qualified candidate for a mommy makeover surgery, and to talk specifically about what you’d like your mommy makeover to include, we welcome you to set up a consultation here at Charlotte Plastic Surgery.

Mommy Makeover Surgery Recovery Time

Naturally, patients have questions about the surgery itself, but also about the level of down time they can expect.

Following a mommy makeover, patients can expect to feel quite tired and sluggish, particularly for the first 48 hours. We’d recommend mostly staying in bed and giving your body the chance to recover. Your strength will come back incrementally, and most patients report to feeling fairly normal again within one to two weeks. However, your doctor may advise you to wait anywhere from six to eight weeks before you resume regular exercise or vigorous physical activity.

It’s highly encouraged that you have either a spouse, a sister, or perhaps even your own mom on hand to help with tasks around the house, as well as childcare, during that first week of recovery. Give yourself every opportunity to just rest!

As for pain, some discomfort can be anticipated following a mommy makeover. The majority of it will come during the first 48 hours. Our surgeons use Exparel, which helps you get through those first couple of days without feeling much pain; by the time the Exparel wears off, the worst part of the recovery is done with.

Additional pain medications can be used as needed, but, once the Exparel wears off, most patients won’t need anything stronger than OTC pain relievers.

With any specific questions about the mommy makeover downtime, you’re welcome to contact our office and ask to speak with a surgeon directly.


Mommy Makeover Results

what does a mommy makeover consist of


The vast majority of patients are extremely pleased with the results of their mommy makeover. One thing to note is that, when you join us for a pre-surgery consultation, we can provide some visual representations of what your mommy makeover results will look like. This helps establish the right expectations from the start.

Something else to touch upon is scarring. Some minor scarring can be expected with a mommy makeover. The size and placement of those scars depend on what procedures you have done, and how extensive they are. Our surgeons use methods that minimize scars and we try to ensure that any scarring is in an area that’s not highly visible. We also employ a scar management protocol during the healing process that helps patients have the best likelihood of minimal scarring. And even beyond that, if for some reason a patient scars poorly, we also employ multiple treatments such as laser and microneedling to help improve the appearance of surgical scars. With that said, we are always happy to talk with patients about the potential of scarring, and we can also show some pictures from previous procedures, helping you get a better sense of what you can expect.

Schedule a Mommy Makeover Consultation

A mommy makeover surgery can be a great way to look and feel refreshed, and to restore some of your pre-baby appearance. The first step in the process is scheduling a consultation, where we can set expectations and talk with you more about whether you’re a qualified candidate.

To set up a mommy makeover consultation with one of our surgeons, contact the Charlotte Plastic Surgery office today.