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It’s never been this convenient to keep your skin healthy. Here at Charlotte Plastic Surgery, we offer an extensive selection of at-home skin health products designed for your specific needs. Take advantage of our complimentary skin health consultation and we’ll direct you to the products that are best suited for you.


This specialty pharmaceutical skin care company is committed to formulating advanced skin care products for all ages. SkinMedica is known in the skin health industry for the patented gel solution TNS Recovery Complex or TNS Essential Serum®. TNS (Tissue Nutrient Solution) is a highly concentrated (93.6 percent) formula of proteins that have been clinically proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, discolorations and skin roughness. TNS improves skin’s elasticity and helps firm skin by increasing collagen in the skin. Following the GRASS Method (Growth Factors, Retinols, Antioxidants, Specialty Products like the Lytera® skin brightening system and Sunscreens) skin can be restored to youthful vitality. SkinMedica also delivers highly effective acne treatment products for mild to moderate acne. For anyone wishing to actually change their skin, reversing the damage from years of sun exposure as well as preventing future damage, SkinMedica offers the proven solution.


EltaMD sunscreens help prevent sunburn and decrease the risk of skin cancer and early skin aging caused by the sun, when used with other sun protection measures. EltaMD sunscreens are formulated with transparent zinc oxide and are noncomedogenic, sensitivity-free, fragrance-free and paraben-free.


Achieve longer, fuller and darker eyelashes with the first and only FDA-approved science-based treatment for enhancing eyelashes. Available by prescription only, this once-daily treatment is applied to the base of the upper eyelashes and gets results in as little as eight weeks.


This specialty anti-aging skin care line addresses specific areas of the face, neck, eyes and hands, and is best known for its two most popular products, Nectifirm® and Teamine Eye Complex®. Nectifirm rejuvenates the neck area by significantly firming and tightening the skin, improving the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Teamine Eye Complex is the number one eye cream dispensed by physicians for dark undereye circles.


Made in Switzerland, Alchimie Forever products are medically formulated and infused with high-tech natural botanicals such as blueberries, rosemary, green tea, grapes, tomatoes and more. These products yield visible results yet are gentle enough for sensitive or sensitized skin types, and are ideal to soothe the skin after procedures. Alchimie Forever also offers products created specifically for the needs of men’s skin.


MDRejuvena® features Phytochromatic MD™ Complex, a naturally-derived, plant-based ingredient clinically proven to provide a number of important skincare benefits for healthier and more radiant skin. This line improves aging skin, irregular pigment, dull appearance and skin texture irregularities. The result is healthier and more radiant skin.


Colorescience® products fuse the beauty of traditional makeup with the benefits and efficacy of skincare. High tech, proven ingredients such as peptides, liquid crystals, pearl powder, hyaluronic acid, and salicylic acid are used to create products with both instant and long-lasting results. Colorescience® products help you achieve a clear, even complexion and protect your skin from the damaging effects of the sun and environment.


Created by a plastic surgeon, the Theraderm® Skin Care line was designed to improve the overall health and appearance of skin through scientifically tested ingredients and applications. Advances in cellular biology and technology have allowed Theraderm® to provide products that address a wide variety of skin conditions including acne, deep wrinkles and uneven skin tone.


Viviscal® Professional is a scientifically formulated supplement that supports healthy hair growth from within. It is super enriched with essential ingredients for optimum healthy hair growth. These specialty formulations of AminoMar, Biotin, Vitamin B7, and fruit extracts increase the growth phase of the hair cycle. Viviscal® Professional supplements promote existing hair growth in four stages over a six month period. Most users notice a difference in as little as three months.


Backed by extensive scientific testing and research, the SENTÉ® product line focuses on the molecules that control skin health, aging, extracellular matrix formation, skin integrity, and healing from damage and wounds. The ingredients in this product line are bio-engineered to treat various skin health concerns and skin types, creating smoother, firmer, more youthful and radiant skin.

Let us help you decide which products will work best for you.

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