You Don’t Look Like Your Selfie

“Selfies” have been popular for at least a decade now—since the very dawn of the availability of the cell phone era, really. Of course, there is nothing wrong with these images, but they can lead to unfair expectations. All too often, we gaze at our selfies and lament that they don’t capture the way we truly look or perceive ourselves. This in turn can lead some individuals to seek out selfie plastic surgery, altering their physical appearance to be more selfie-ready.

The link between selfies and surgery is real, and it’s also complicated. Watch as Dr. Jack F. Scheuer III discusses on Morning Break Charlotte this concept and the connection between lip injections and nose surgery requests today.

Selfies Don’t Always Tell the Truth

The first thing to understand about selfies is that they don’t always present us with a truthful representation. That’s why there’s often a disconnect between how we think we look and what our selfies show.

Consider the facts. According to a report from the American Medical Association, a selfie that’s taken about 12 inches from the face makes the nose base look like it’s 30 percent wider than it actually is. And it can make the tip appear seven percent wider. By contrast, a more standard photograph—taken from roughly five feet away—will show the facial features in better proportion.

Selfies and Plastic Surgery

Seeing a distorted or unrealistic photo of ourselves can certainly be a blow to our self-image—which is why in the selfie age the demand for cosmetic surgery has increased steadily. In fact, our surgeons have found that more than half of all patients ask for surgery precisely so that they can make their face look better in selfies! This represents a considerable uptick since 2016 and there’s no reason to think this trend won’t continue.

The specific procedures sought are wide-ranging—not just nose jobs, but also lip injections, forehead lifts, and more. Of course, there is nothing wrong with seeking plastic surgery to enhance your physical appearance and increase your self-confidence, but it can be problematic to base your surgical goals on images that are innately untruthful—which is what’s happening more and more in this selfie era.

The question is, how can patients make wise, informed decisions about the look they are trying to achieve—not only seeking realistic goals, but choosing the correct surgical procedures to achieve those goals? The answer lies in meeting with a plastic surgeon to discuss your goals in earnest, and to get expert advice about how selfies are or are not good guidelines for your cosmetic procedure requests.

Seeking Natural Results

selfie plastic surgery

Here’s one example of what we’re talking about. At Charlotte Plastic Surgery, we see many patients who ask for lip injections, whether based on celebrity photos or on their own selfies. Over-inflating the lips is a real possibility, though, and it can look unnatural. Rather than seek something like that, we advise patients to aim for lips that are more harmonious with the rest of the face. Indeed, our physicians believe that good plastic surgery is noticeable but subtle, and always offers plausible deniability.

There are other concerns, too—not just natural-looking plastic surgery, but safe plastic surgery and proper expectations. In pursuing these natural cosmetic surgery goals, there are a few guidelines to keep in mind.

  • First, make sure you’re seeking the help of a board-certified plastic surgeon or expertly trained licensed nurse injector. Ideally, your procedure will be performed by someone who has done it numerous times in the past and can furnish you with some before-and-after photos of previous patients. Always ask about the track record of your plastic surgeon or injector.
  • Make sure you spend some time consulting with your surgeon or injector and asking about the different options available—whether that means different fillers or different facial procedures. Make sure the procedure you choose is aligned with your particular goals. For example, some patients need volume added to their lips, while others just need the shape of their lips accentuated. Patients with different needs will benefit from different fillers.
  • Also, make sure to inquire about the downtime and any post-surgical complications you might expect. For most procedures, including lip injectables, the side effects will be some fairly minimal bruising or swelling, and should mostly subside within a couple of days.
  • Remember that the consultation between you and your surgeon can include some give and take! You may have a very specific vision in mind, and your surgeon may want to redirect your expectations slightly. Working together, you can come up with a goal that’s realistic and healthy. This is an important part of the cosmetic surgery process.

Putting Safety First

It’s also important to note that, in the pursuit of any kind of selfie plastic surgery, health and safety are paramount. You may wish to alter your selfie image, but what’s even more critical is that you look after your body and don’t do anything to jeopardize it. As such, we encourage clients to be sure they are dieting properly and getting good exercise before they consider any kind of plastic surgery. We also advise patients to stop smoking before they seek a plastic surgery procedure.

Before having a procedure done at Charlotte Plastic Surgery, you’ll get to meet with a surgeon to discuss your overall health and wellness—an important way to make sure you are a good candidate for a healthy procedure.

Get Natural-Looking Results from Charlotte Plastic Surgery

Have your selfies made you think seriously about plastic surgery? If so, remember that what you’re seeing isn’t necessarily accurate or truthful. With that said, our physicians are always available to consult with those who’d like to subtly change their appearance. In fact, a consultation with one of our physicians can help clarify your goals and settle your expectations.

To learn more about the type of procedure that’s best for you, and to determine whether or not you are a good candidate for selfie plastic surgery, schedule an appointment with Charlotte Plastic Surgery today.