Julie Davis discusses the many considerations for patient treatment

When I first meet a patient who is interested in Botox® or fillers, I spend time talking with the patient to understand what his or her needs, desires, and long-term goals are. I want to understand what things about the patient’s face are problematic (like the lines in between the brows, for example). We usually have this conversation while she looks in the mirror and points out to me the areas that are bothersome. Only after I understand what she’d like to change do I provide information about treatment options.

Since I work for Charlotte Plastic Surgery, there is a range of options I can offer to the patient. Of course, if it’s indicated, I can offer an injectable treatment. Sometimes laser may help and sometimes surgery may be the answer for long-term improvement. I always try to understand the patient’s budget and make recommendations with treatment goals and checkbook in mind.

I’ve been fortunate to help patients achieve a younger, more refreshed look time and time again. It’s so fun to see the excited looks on my patients’ faces as we start their treatments, and after they see the results.

– Julie Davis, RN