Halo Laser Treatment is A Celebrity Skin Care Secret—And Now, it Can Be Yours

You’ve seen celebrity photos, displayed across glossy supermarket checkout magazines or your Instagram feed. You’ve watched them on the red carpet, and of course, you’ve admired them in movies and on TV. What you’ve probably noticed is that the stars somehow manage to look youthful and glamorous at all times—with few, if any, visible signs of aging on their skin. Learn about getting the halo laser in Charlotte NC.

The general assumption is that the stars have secret beauty regimens, far too sophisticated and too expensive to be attainable by any non-celebs. As a matter of fact, though, many of these anti-aging solutions are yours for the taking—and they’re more affordable than you might imagine.

In fact, Halo laser treatment—one of the primary ways in which celebrities keep their skin looking so youthful—is available to you at Charlotte Plastic Surgery. Watch as one of our highly-skilled Skin Health Specialists, Allie Hogge, explains what the Halo Laser treatment can do for you on WCNC (starts at 2:00 minute).

What is the Halo Laser Treatment All About?

To put it succinctly, this is a laser skin treatment that the stars pay big bucks for—but actually, it’s something that you can have done for a decidedly non-celebrity price. The benefits of Halo treatments? Amazing anti-aging effects, immediate and long-lasting results, and minimal recovery time.

Here’s how it works: Over time, your skin loses its youthful glow, both due to the natural aging process and to exposure to sunlight. As such, your skin may develop sun spots and fine lines, all while losing some of its radiance.

Laser therapy has long sought to address these issues, but none have done it as effectively as Halo treatments. Indeed, previous lasers couldn’t successfully remove this damage, whether because the treatment was either too shallow or too deep. Halo targets the correct skin depth with real precision, and in doing so, it removes years of skin damage. In short, it restores the radiant glow you had when you were younger.

Halo laser treatment is the best solution for reversing skin damage.

On a technical level, Halo is a hybrid fractional laser that offers deep dermal rejuvenation as well as epidermal renewal. The effect is synergistic that can’t be replicated with any other form of skin laser treatment. Halo laser treatments also have a cooling tip, ensuring that your skin is kept comfortable and pain-free throughout the procedure.

The bottom line is that Halo delivers beautiful results, but it does so gently—meaning there’s not as much recovery down-time involved. In fact, the only real “side effect” you can expect is a little skin crusting, which may last two or three days but is easily coverable with a bit of make-up.

There are some other benefits to the Halo laser skin treatment. For one, it’s customizable. You can choose any area on your skin that you’d like to rejuvenate—areas that have aged, fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage spots, even acne scars—and apply the treatment there.

It is also, quite frankly, a fairly low-hassle, low-commitment procedure. A single Halo treatment, lasting just 15 or 20 minutes, can have a noticeable impact in reducing sun damage, and it can reduce pore size by up to 60 percent! Couple that with improvements to tone and texturize and it’s not hard to see why Halo treatments are so popular, in Hollywood and beyond.


Where Should You Go for Your Halo Laser Charlotte NC Treatment?

It’s important to select the right venue for receiving your Halo treatment. While it may be tempting to go to a salon or a med spa to have laser work done, it’s more advisable to seek an actual medical practice—for a few reasons.

What they boil down to are clinical safety standards. For example, at Charlotte Plastic Surgery, we thoroughly test all of our procedures, consult the clinical research, and make sure that we offer our clients options that will prove both safe and effective for them—whether it’s Halo or a different kind of laser skin treatment. That’s the commitment to safety you’ll find at medical offices, not necessarily at the local spa.

While laser therapy is non-invasive and shouldn’t come with medical risk, that’s all contingent on it being administered properly, and to patients who are good candidates for the service. Medical professionals will consult with you first to talk through any and all of your skin care needs. From there, they’ll make a recommendation that fits your needs, and they’ll administer it properly and carefully—always upholding the highest standards of patient safety.


Are You a Good Candidate for Halo Laser Skin Treatments?

Here’s a quick self-inventory: You are a good candidate for Halo treatments if…

  • Your goal is to improve the surface appearance of the skin on your neck or face.
  • You wish to reverse the damage done to your skin by the sun, or by acne scarring.
  • You want to reverse the effects of aging and smooth over wrinkles and fine lines.
  • You’re looking for something that’s fairly quick and comes with minimal recovery time.


If these statements apply to you, then Halo laser treatments may indeed be the skin-rejuvenating solution you’ve been seeking.


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We understand your desire to look and feel your absolute best—and to claim some of those “beauty secrets of the stars” as your very own. Whether that means Halo laser treatment or something else altogether, we’re here to talk with you about the procedure, the recovery, and the results you can expect. Take your first step toward more youthful and radiant skin today, and reach out to our skin health specialists at Charlotte Plastic Surgery about scheduling a laser skin therapy consultation.