Let Us Answer All of Your Burning Gummy Bear Implant Questions!

If you have gummy bear implant questions, you have come to the right place. Patients frequently ask us about gummy bear implants. We took the time to answer a few of the most common questions women have when considering gummy bear implants or breast implants in general. 

Since gummy bear implants are relatively new, the long-term effects are unknown to the same extent as saline and traditional silicone implants. They were approved by the FDA in 2012 but have been sought after ever since.

This article is purely for educational purposes. When it comes to your health, you always want to discuss your specific needs with a skilled plastic surgeon who can give highly personalized guidance. We hope this Q and A gives you a strong starting point as you work through these personal decisions.

What are your breast augmentation options?

Generally, there are just a few types of breast implants or augmentation. The best for you as an individual depends on your needs, lifestyle, budget, and health history. Options include:

  • Saline or salt water implants
  • Silicone implants
  • Gummy bear or cohesive gel implants
  • Fat transfers from one part of the body to the breasts

What are gummy bear implants?

The name “gummy bear” is a nickname referring to cohesive silicone gel-based breast implants. They often have a teardrop shape but could also be round. Gummy bear implants are made of a silicone shell with form stable silicone gel filling.

The gel is thicker than the silicone used in traditional silicone implants, so it holds its shape better. The texture reminds many people of gummy bear candies, which led to this nickname. This option isn’t as well known as traditional silicone and saline implants since it is a newer form of implant.

Implants, including gummy bears, may either be a round or a tear-dropped shape. The tear-drop-shaped implants are thickest at the bottom and soften as people age.

Why are gummy bear implants so popular?

The main reason gummy bear implants are so popular is that they result in a firmer breast that looks very natural. Some also like the possibly lower risk of the silicone leaking into their bodies or resulting in scar tissue buildup. These implants are also less likely to fold, ripple, or wrinkle than other implants.

What are the benefits of gummy bear implants?

Gummy bear implants have a more natural look and feel than regular silicone implants due to the teardrop shape. The upper breast feels more natural and hangs in a more natural-looking way. Some women who want a little more fullness prefer the look of gummy bear implants.

Due to the more stable teardrop shape, gummy bear implants typically don’t shift as much with movement as other implants. They also pose less risk of leaking due to rupture than traditional silicone implants. In addition, they appear to pose less risk of capsular contracture or scarring around the implant.

Are there any cons to gummy bear implants?

Due to the teardrop shape and material, gummy bear implants can’t add as much volume to the breasts as saline or silicone implants. Also, the procedure may result in a longer scar. Saline implants can be inflated inside the body, but gummy bear implants must be inserted intact.

Some feel that gummy bear implants are too firm for their preference. They tend to be firmer than traditional silicone. Breast augmentation using gummy bear implants tends to be more expensive than other traditional implants. If you get textured gummy bear implants, be aware that textured implants may have a link to a rare disorder known as anaplastic large cell lymphoma.

How long do gummy bear implants last?

Since gummy bear implants are relatively new, we don’t know as much about how long they last. Implants of any kind may need to be removed or replaced at some point. Gummy bear implants may last at least ten years.

Are gummy bear implants safe?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved gummy bear implants for women older than 22. This approval indicates a strong safety record. Still, we don’t know as much about gummy bear implants as we do about saline and silicone implants. Be sure and talk with your plastic surgeon about risks and considerations.

 Any procedure has associated risks. Gummy bear implants carry much of the same potential risks as other implants, including rupture, capsular contracture, and a rare disorder. Risk is a very nuanced topic and is highly variable depending on a few things. If you have a doctor you trust, consider asking about the risks.

Are gummy bear implants textured?

Gummy bear implants are often textured to prevent slippage and shifting. However, sometimes smooth, round gummy bear implants are available. The teardrop-shaped gummy bear implants are typically textured. If a teardrop-shaped implant shifts, you would need surgery to correct it. When symmetrical round implants shift slightly, it isn’t as noticeable.

What are the next steps?

If you are considering breast augmentation, your next step is to schedule a consultation with a plastic surgeon. Your surgeon will help you understand and choose among your options. In addition, your plastic surgeon will assess whether you are healthy enough for elective cosmetic surgery.

Choosing the right plastic surgeon is crucial.  If you receive a recommendation, call to schedule a consultation to see whether you feel comfortable with this doctor.

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