Does a Lower Facelift Include the Neck?

You may know the changes you want to make in your appearance but not know the right surgeries for your goals. Don’t worry! We’re here to help you understand the different types of cosmetic procedures we offer here at Charlotte Plastic Surgery.

We offer many procedures to address cosmetic issues with the face and neck. These areas of the body are often the first to show signs of aging. You may notice loose skin, fat deposits that create jowls, muscle bands on your neck, or lines on your face. To correct these, surgeons can perform facelift vs neck lift

Find out more about how a lower facelift can improve the appearance of your neck, too.

What is a Lower Facelift?

Loose skin on the neck and jawline can age your overall appearance. A lower facelift is the solution you want to lift and tighten this area for a more youthful appearance. This type of facelift focuses on improving the look of the lower half of your face and your neck. It can be part of a facelift that corrects signs of aging on the entire face or a standalone procedure.

Who is a Good Candidate for a Lower Facelift?

Before undergoing any surgical procedure, the surgeon must ensure that you have a good chance of seeing results. Therefore, they will ask you about your medical history and if you have any chronic conditions that can delay healing.

Ideally, you should not be a smoker, be in good health, and be willing to commit to the healing process.

If your doctor agrees that you are a good candidate, they will discuss the procedure with you, tell you about the risks of the surgery, and answer any questions you have. Adhere closely to any instructions your doctor gives you to prepare for surgery. You may need to adjust any medications you take

Does a Lower Facelift Include the Neck?

Whether a doctor includes the neck in a lower facelift depends on your expectations from the procedure. If you want your neck, chin, and jawline issues fixed, a lower facelift can include all those areas.

Sometimes, a plastic surgeon may recommend additional procedures with your facelift to address other issues. For instance, you may benefit from Botox injections Charlotte NC to reduce fine lines or laser resurfacing to improve your skin’s appearance.

What Problems Can a Lower Facelift Fix?

A lower facelift can include methods to address common problems of the aging neck, chin, jaw, and lower half of the face. These issues may include sagging skin, uneven fat deposits, turkey wattle, muscle banding, and extra fat under the chin.

What Happens During a Lower Facelift?

A lower facelift starts with making incisions around your hairline and ears. You may also have an incision under your chin. Through these cuts, the doctor redistributes fat in your lower face and neck. They also may move tissue in your neck and tighten the muscles in that area to reduce the appearance of jowls and banding. Finally, the doctor will pull the skin tight and remove any excess to eliminate sagging.

The entire procedure is a surgical operation that can take several hours, depending on what you need done to your face and neck. However, for most patients, it is an outpatient procedure, so you can go home the same day.

Though you can return home the same day, you should have someone to drive you and help you get comfortable at home.

What Does Recovery from a Lower Facelift Look Like?

You should plan to take up to two weeks off work while you recover. Remember, after a lower facelift, you need to allow your body to heal by getting plenty of rest.

During the recovery time, you will likely have some tenderness, swelling, and bruising around the treated area. Ice packs can help reduce swelling, but also follow your doctor’s instructions on medications to take and other steps to follow to help the incisions heal.

How is a Lower Facelift Different from a Neck Lift?

A lower facelift and neck lift follow similar steps and produce tightening of the neck. A facelift goes by the medical term of rhytidectomy, while a neck lift goes by the name lower rhytidectomy. Therefore, using the terms lower facelift and neck lift interchangeably can happen. Besides lower facelift and neck lift, some doctors also perform mid-facelift vs mini-facelift.

The biggest difference is the focus of each. With a lower facelift, the doctor can fix issues with the neck, lower part of the face, and jawline. A neck lift focuses only on correcting issues on the neck by pulling more skin up from the neck compared to a lower facelift.

Your doctor will help you to understand the specifics of the procedure they opt to perform to address your aesthetic concerns.

Do You Know the Doctor Performing Your Lower Facelift?

Whenever you have surgery, you put your trust in the surgical team. Therefore, you need to know your doctor and their facility. When deciding on a lower facelift ,you need to do your research on how to select a plastic surgeon.

Make sure to find answers to the following questions:

  • What are the doctor’s qualifications?
  • Is the facility accredited?
  • How long has the clinic been around?
  • Who provides the anesthesia services for the facility?

At Charlotte Plastic Surgery, we have five board-certified physicians on staff and only operate from one of our surgical suites in our fully accredited facility. For anesthesia, we partner with Carolina Anesthesia Associates, which has provided its services to the area for 20 years. Our clinic has an even longer history, dating back to 1951.

Reverse the Signs of Aging Around Your Neck

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