CoolTone™ Vs EmSculpt Body Contouring Devices

Most forms of body sculpting and body contouring focus on the removal of fat cells. However, there are a handful of methods that instead target muscles. Instead of freezing or liquefying the muscles though these forms of body contouring focus on tightening and toning the cells. This way, muscles such as the gluteus, thighs, and abs are tighter, toner, and look more attractive. Two of the highest-profile forms of muscle toning are CoolTone™ and EmSculpt™. If you’re considering one form or the other it is important to compare CoolTone vs EmSculpt to determine which of the two contouring forms work best for you and your ultimate goals.

cooltone vs emsculpt

CoolTone™ vs EmSculpt

When deciding which muscle toning body contour method is right for you it is necessary to compare CoolTone™ vs EmSculpt, as these are two of the most popular methods currently available.

For starters, CoolTone™ body sculpting uses what is known as magnetic muscle stimulation, or MMS, to tighten and tone your muscles. With this method electromagnetic energy is shot into your muscles, causing the muscle fiber to contract, relax, and contract, in rapid pulses. This, in turn, will help tone your muscles and give you a more defined muscular physique. Current the FDA has cleared CoolTone™ for use on the abs, butt, and thighs.

EmSculpt is another treatment method. However, it is a bit different from CoolTone™. EmSculpt uses what is known as high intensity focused electromagnetic energy, or HIFEM, to target your muscles. With HIFEM EmSculpt focuses on tightening and toning the muscles. When assesing CoolTone vs EmSculpt, it’s important to note both can increase the size of muscles, although this is not the main goal of using the two-body contouring methods. The primary goal is to tighten and tone. As the muscles become stronger and firmer some growth might occur, but not significant growth (so don’t worry if you want to avoid “bulking up”).

So how exactly are the two methods similar? First, both are FDA cleared and can be used in an office. Neither requires any kind of downtime, both are pain-free (although you may initially find the involuntary contractions a bit strange at first), and both will take about 30 minutes or so for one given area.

As you go through these two options you’ll both sound pretty similar. Upfront yes, both forms of body contouring are designed to tighten and tone muscles within your body and both have received FDA approval. The only obvious difference between the two when you look on the surface is one uses HIFEM and another uses MMS. This, however, is the main difference between the two. MMS is about 50 percent more powerful with the delivered magnetic intensity. This substantial boost will help increase the overall definition you experience following treatment and it may cut down on the number of treatments you need before you achieve your desired goal.

Body Contouring Options

EmSculpt and CoolTone are two body contouring methods used to help tighten and tone muscles within your body. You may see some muscle growth with the two options and there may be secondary benefits behind this as well (some individuals have experienced an improvement in their metabolism, which will help burn through additional calories during the day). In general, when it comes to targeting your muscles and considering CoolTone vs EmSculpt, they are two of the most common body contouring options.

Several body contouring options target the fat cells in your body. CoolSculpting® is one such method (and is from the same makers as CoolTone™). With CoolSculpting® fat cells are frozen and, eventually, die. The body will then process the dead fat cells and pass them just like you would any other material the body doesn’t have a use for.

High intensity focuses ultrasound, or HIFU, works in a similar method to CoolTone™, but instead of toning your muscles it uses focused ultrasounds to break apart fat tissue and cause it to die

There are some forms of low-level laser therapy (LLLT), which exposes areas of the body to infrared light. LLLT is often done by making a small incision into the target area and then a small device is inserted into the body, where the low-level laser will burn away the fat tissue. Some injectable options are used to help melt away fat inside the body.

With so many body contouring options there is one that will work best for you. All you need to do is talk to you Skin Center professional to find out which will be the best for your body and your visual appearance goals.


CoolTone™ Benefits

If you decide to take advantage of CoolTone™ there are several benefits you’ll experience with the aid of a CoolTone™ device. First, you’ll likely instantly feel a tighter muscle group following a single treatment session. It likely will take a few sessions before you’ll begin to see results, but it isn’t something you’ll need to wait long periods of time on. Unlike other forms of body contouring that target fat cells and force you to wait for weeks or even months, you can return for your next treatment session a few days later. Like workout out a muscle group, you should give that area a few days to recover, but with CoolTone™ you can go in twice or so a week. This will help speed up your final results.

CoolTone™ like CoolSculpting® is also an out-patient procedure. It takes a handful of minutes to do and there isn’t much in the way of prep before the treatment commencing. Now, depending on the muscle group you want to target it may be necessary to remove some fat cells ahead of time. Thankfully you’ll know all of this prior to going in for your first treatment. With an in-person consultation, you’ll know exactly what your next step needs to be and how to go about doing it.


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