Choosing the Right Non-Invasive Weight Loss Procedure

If you’re looking for a medical procedure that can help you reduce inches, lose unwanted flab and cellulite, or give your body some contouring, you’ve certainly got plenty of options to choose from today. What is the best non invasive weight loss? Indeed, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons recently estimated that the number of minimally invasive weight loss procedures has increased by some 200 percent since the year 2000. Under that broad umbrella, there are several clinically sound ways you can shed undesired weight, without the need for having surgery.

Which non-invasive weight loss procedure is right for you?

What’s the best way to get the body you’ve always wanted without the downtime of surgery? Dr. Jack F. Scheuer discussed the most effective options on Good Day Charlotte. Watch the below news clip and schedule a consultation with one of our providers, where you can learn more about specific pros and cons and ultimately select the procedure that best meets your needs.

The Changing Nature of Weight Loss Procedures

Something we see more and more of at Charlotte Plastic Surgery is interested in weight loss procedures that don’t come with any surgical downtime. A lot of our patients either don’t have time to recover from a full surgical intervention or else don’t want to deal with the minor risks that any surgery can entail. Thankfully, there have been a lot of advances in weight loss procedures, and today’s patients have a number of options that simply weren’t around even 10 years ago.


An especially popular option is CoolSculpting®. This non-invasive weight loss procedure targets that layer of fat that’s just beneath the skin. This fat can be difficult to get rid of, no matter how well you’re eating or how hard you’re hitting the gym. Stubborn deposits of fat can resist even the most grueling weight loss initiatives. That can be demoralizing, but CoolSculpting® provides a simple solution, without the need for full-on surgery.

CoolSculpting® involves an applicator that essentially freezes your fat cells. Over the next month or so, these frozen fat cells break down and are reabsorbed by the body. The result? Those stubborn areas where you just can’t seem to lose the flab will begin to get smaller and smaller, that extra fat disappearing.

CoolSculpting® sessions are done on a strictly outpatient basis. In fact, a session may take as little as 30 minutes, and we have a lot of patients who have CoolSculpting® done while they’re on a lunch break. There’s no need for anesthesia, as there is no real pain associated with CoolSculpting® (just a sensation of cold as the applicator is applied). Many patients actually read or watch TV while they have CoolSculpting® done, and others just nap. There’s no downtime involved, and you’re free to get back to work when your session is over.

Profound® Laser Treatment 

Another non-invasive skin tightening and cellulite reduction procedure is Profound®, which is a popular choice for those wanting to tighten up skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of cellulite after major weight loss, childbirth, and the like.

Profound® is the latest iteration of microneedling. Microneedling has been around for a while, and basically involves many little needles that poke holes in the skin; as the body goes into self-repair mode, it produces more elastin and collagen, which are the building blocks of skin.

Profound® takes the microneedling approach but adds radiofrequency, which means that the skin is heated while the needles do their job. This increases the production of elastin and collagen even further, and the end result is skin that’s much tighter and firmer.

This is another outpatient procedure that’s simple and non-invasive… and if you’re looking for a way to reduce stubborn cellulite it’s certainly something to consider. Also note that the Profound® treatment can be used all over the body, making it a good option even for more sensitive areas like the chin and neck.


Though not a weight loss procedure per se, the use of injectables is a good, non-surgical method to enhance your physical appearance. Injectables are very popular with many of our patients and can even work well in tandem with some of the other procedures we’ve discussed here.

The injectable you’re most familiar with is sure to be Botox®, which temporarily relaxes the muscles and can decrease the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines. But there are also a number of “fillers” we use to add a little volume to parts of the body that have been hollowed by age. In particular, fillers are popularly used in the hands, and can restore them to a full, healthy appearance, minimizing wrinkles and fine lines in the process.

Which Non-Invasive Weight Loss Procedure is Right for You?

As you consider the treatment approach that’s right for you, there are a few key considerations to make.

The first is that we don’t necessarily recommend weight loss procedures for those whose weight tends to fluctuate, or for those who haven’t quite landed on a healthy lifestyle, including diet and exercise. You’ll want to make sure you have some stability before having a procedure performed.

Second, it’s important to note that these treatments are all individualized. There aren’t any one-size-fits-all solutions for weight or body contouring, and as such it’s important to meet with one of our surgeons to learn more about the procedure that’s right for you.

A third thing to take note of is that, while we are pleased to offer these popular and highly effective non-surgical procedures, we also offer some surgical solutions, like liposuction. If you’d like to have a full sense of the available options, we’re pleased to talk with you about lipo, as well.

Make an Appointment with Charlotte Plastic Surgery

Now that you know some of the treatment options available, the next step is to figure out which approach best fits your goals, and also to ensure that you are a qualified candidate. The best way to do that is to schedule a consultation with one of our providers. Reach out to Charlotte Plastic Surgery today and ask to speak with us about non-invasive weight loss treatments.