Welcome to the Team, Dr. Nyame!

BIG news! Our team at Charlotte Plastic Surgery is thrilled to announce Dr. Theo Nyame, the newest addition to our family, and an internationally recognized cosmetic surgeon. As a Harvard Medical School graduate, Dr. Nyame’s experience leading up to joining our team is extremely impressive.

Born in Ghana, West Africa, Dr. Nyame’s family relocated to the Bronx, NY when he was eight years old to seek better opportunities. From that point, Dr. Nyame and his older brother nurtured a fierce sibling rivalry with academic success at the center of their positive push against each other.

In fact, when Dr. Nyame was a child, his parents told him and his brother that they wanted a son who was a doctor, and the other one, a lawyer. Present day, Dr. Nyame’s brother works as a neurosurgeon. Meanwhile, Dr. Nyame and his wife, who works in Cardiology at Novant Health, are settling into a new chapter here in the Queen City. Although neither brother became a lawyer, they still have pretty impressive resumes.

Meet Dr. Nyame!

He’s completed medical missions and speeches across the world in places like Rome, Norway, Vienna and Australia. He is a member of the former surgical team responsible for the country’s first successful full face transplant. He specializes in aesthetic breast surgery… and that’s just the beginning of Dr. Nyame’s range of experience.

After moving to the Bronx, NY from Ghana, West Africa, Dr. Nyame later continued on to attend Cornell University where he graduated top of his class. After completing his undergraduate degree, Dr. Nyame attended Harvard Medical School where he met his wife who was attending Princeton at the time. After having recently married, Dr. Nyame and his wife have chosen Charlotte to kick-off their happily ever after, and we could not be happier about that decision!

Why Plastic Surgery?

Dr. Nyame’s surgical focus became cosmetic surgery after realizing the desperate need for reconstructive procedures back in his birth place of Ghana. Due to poor living conditions, many citizens experience injuries or are born with deformities that require medical attention that is not available. Ultimately, Dr. Nyame plans to return to Ghana with his brother to specialize in reconstructive procedures for those in need.

Why Choose Dr. Nyame as Your Surgeon?

We are excited for Dr. Nyame to join our team of nationally recognized doctors at Charlotte Plastic Surgery. When asked why he should be your plastic surgeon in the Charlotte area, he replied:

“For me, walking out and knowing I delivered the best work for the patient is the most important part of what I do.”

Dr. Nyame adds to the individualized care we provide at Charlotte Plastic Surgery. Starting in January, he will be available to help you take advantage of the benefits of looking and feeling your best. Please help us in welcoming Dr. Nyame to our Charlotte Plastic Surgery family.

Contact our team at (704) 837-0351 if you have any questions about Dr. Nyame, or if you would like to speak with another member of our team.

Welcome to the team, Dr. Nyame!