CoolSculpting Technology at Charlotte Plastic Surgery!

charlotte-plastic-surgeryFinally, we have at Charlotte Plastic Surgery a non-invasive means of reducing and contouring fatty deposits on the body.  We initially investigated Coolsculpting years ago, but have waited until we could get feedback from trusted colleagues that indeed this new technology worked.

Over time, CoolSculpting has improved it methodology and technology.  New applicators, decreased time and multiple treatments lead to better outcomes.  The process has been perfected and we are excited to bring this to our patients.

We have acquired two CoolSculpting systems making it much more time efficient for our patients. CoolSculpting is the #1 most requested non-surgical body sculpting procedure. We are excited to find a revolutionary technology like this that can work in the appropriate patients.

After reading this you may have questions about our new CoolSculpting technology and how it can help you experience the results you seek. If so, call the Charlotte Plastic Surgery team at 704-837-0351 today!