What to Expect After First Time Botox Treatment

My First Experience With Botox

Meet Jayne, a local 30-something who recently tried Botox for the first time, much to the dismay of her friends.

first time botox stories

Why Botox?

What did you know about Botox before trying it?

  • I had done my fair share of looking online, reading blogs, and skimming before and after pictures, but I had never spoken to an expert about it.

What stopped you from getting injectables before?

  • There is just such an overall stigma with Botox. It seemed very “Hollywood” and self-absorbed to me. Plus, I had heard that your face would be “frozen” and I didn’t want to lose my ability to be expressive. I’ve heard horror stories about people looking “plastic” and I didn’t want to not look like myself.

What made you finally decide to move forward?

What did you learn about injectables?

How do you feel after your first Botox procedure?

Find Out More About Injectables

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