Keep Your Skin Protected – Dr. Finical Discusses Sun Protection on WBTV

charlotte plastic surgeryDuring the spring and summer seasons, how much time on average do you spend outdoors? We cannot stress enough how important it is to ask yourself this when consider the amount of sun exposure your skin receives during this time of year. Being outdoors for long periods of time without the right type of sun defense products can cause problems as small as fine lines and wrinkles, or severe as skin cancer. Why put yourself at risk when you have a team of professionals at Charlotte Plastic Surgery to ensure you remain protected during those moments of fun in the sun? Let us guide you through the best practices when it comes to summer skin protection.

Recently, Dr. Finical joined the familiar faces of the WBTV morning show to provide more information on the dangers of over exposure to the sun and what products Charlotte Plastic Surgery can offer you to keep your skin moisturized, flowing and more important – safe from harm UV rays. Watch Dr. Finical’s discussion by clicking the station logo below: