Dr. Nyame Talks Summer Skin Care on WBTV!

skincare tips charlotteBy now you may have started running outdoors, taking your dog for an extra long walk after work or even taking trips to the beach. This time of year naturally ushers in an invite to be outside more. We love being outdoors, but it’s critical to understand the impact sun exposure can have on the health of your skin. Leaving your skin defenseless while outside can result in harsh effects of the sun like sunburn or even skin cancer.

Charlotte Plastic Surgery wants to share some not-so-secret skin care products to keep your skin healthy, radiant and protected during those long hours of fun in the sun. In his first local news segment as a member of Charlotte Plastic Surgery, Dr. Nyame recently spoke with Brigida Mack of WBTV regarding spring skin care, and our team’s top tips to help keep your skin healthy and protected with increased sun exposure.

Let Dr. Nyame shed some (sun)light on spring time skin care necessities when it comes to sun defense by clicking the WBTV logo below:


skincare tips charlotte