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From products you can use at home to treatments we provide, Charlotte Plastic Surgery offers some of the most advanced skin health treatments available. When you feel comfortable in your own skin, everyone notices.

The qualified skin health specialists at Charlotte Plastic Surgery are here for you in your fight against fine lines, acne and other skin problems. We can help make sure the way you look on the outside reflects how you feel on the inside.

We have multiple skin health specialists who are highly trained and willing to discuss the best options for you.


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“Overall excellent experience — attentive, caring staff and knowledgeable about at-home skin care treatments.”


Enrolling in this program is free, so if you are a skin care advocate why not take an easy step towards keeping your skin that much more healthy and radiant?


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“…Complete satisfaction with the knowledgeable care that I have been fortunate enough to receive over the past 12 years at CPS… My esthetician is a skin care ‘guru.’”

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“…As long as I live in Charlotte, my esthetician at CPS is the only one allowed to touch my face… They’re just too good!”

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As we age our bodies produce less collagen & elastin, which can cause our faces to look aged, tired, thin, and wrinkled. Rebuild your skin from the inside out with gentle Microneedling & Radio-Frequency Heat Therapy and enjoy more youthful, plump, taught, and rejuvenated skin.


By using a series of high definition cameras and light filters, the VISIA® provides an in-depth computer analysis of skin issues such as wrinkles, pore size, sun damage, bacteria, and overall skin age. By seeing deep within your skin, you and your provider can focus on what you need most and track the effectiveness of treatments over time.