Breast Implant Removal

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Breast Implant Removal

There’s no shortage of reasons as to why you might be considering breast implant removal. Some women no longer feel the desire to have larger breasts. Others may simply want a different silhouette than they desired years ago. And then others may feel that their breast implants could be causing symptoms that are impacting their overall health and well-being. Regardless of what your reasons might be, breast implant removal is a safe and viable surgical option performed routinely here at Charlotte Plastic Surgery. So if you’re currently considering implant removal or implant removal with total capsulectomy, here’s what you need to know.

Breast Implant Illness

One reason many women decide to undergo breast implant removal in Charlotte is that they feel sick or “strange” in the years following their procedure. Although not a clinically recognized disease, women who experience this phenomenon commonly refer to it as “Silicone Implant Illness” or “Breast Implant Illness” (often shortened to “BII”). As it turns out, it’s impossible to know beforehand whether or not you might experience these symptoms down the road – there are no laboratory studies, diagnostic tests or scans that can be done to test for BII. Thankfully, breast implant illness affects a very small number of implant recipients, however, you can rest assured knowing that the surgeons at Charlotte Plastic Surgery will help guide you through your options.

breast implant removalThere are several side effects women claim to experience following their breast implant procedure. In fact, the list of reported symptoms is quite broad and can include a multitude of complaints. According to, the most common symptoms include chest pain, fatigue, hair loss, chronic pain, body odor, brain fog, anxiety, rash, chills, depression, photosensitivity, and neurologic issues (to name a few).

What To Do In The Event Of Breast Implant Illness?

Prior to having breast implant surgery, your doctor will go over all possible symptoms and side effects with you during your consultation. They will also point out when certain symptoms might occur and how long these symptoms may last. As every person is different and adjusts to implants differently, your symptoms (if you have any) might vary as well.

If you begin suffering one or more of the symptoms commonly associated with Breast Implant Illness or BII after your breast surgery, you’ll want to contact your doctor. Most of these symptoms will go away over time, however, if it becomes difficult to function in daily life your doctor may take additional steps to assist you.

If your symptoms continue for an extended amount of time, it’s likely that your doctor may consult with other physicians and possibly request additional medical testing to rule out any other potential causes. Should you and your doctor decide to remove the implants, your surgeon will talk with you about breast implant removal.

Breast Implant Removal With En Bloc Total Capsulectomy

For women who may be suffering from breast implant illness, the full implant can be removed during a safe, outpatient procedure. During that procedure, the scar tissue or capsule that surrounds the implant may also be removed. If you recently had your breast implant surgery, you probably will not have as much of a capsule around the implant as someone who had breast surgery five or 10+ years ago. With any breast implant removal surgery, you do have a few options which your plastic surgeon will go over with you during your consultation.

The removal of your implant, also known as an “explant” or “explantation surgery”, may be done in the form of an En Bloc Total Capsulectomy. During an En Bloc Total Capsulectomy, your surgeon will remove every part of the scar tissue, also known as the capsule, with the breast implant.

This kind of removal process is desired especially if you have older implants. Some patients believe that removing your implants and capsules via En Bloc helps prevent chemicals and other manmade materials from entering into your body, however, the tradeoff is that you may require larger incisions than you would with a traditional total capsulectomy.

What Is “Total Capsulectomy”?

Often you’ll hear the terms “En Bloc” and “Total Capsulectomy” used interchangeably. The two are extremely similar, but not completely the same. With Total Capsulectomy your breast implant and all the capsules will be removed, however, not always at the same time. Sometimes, depending on the situation, your doctor will cut the scar tissue capsule, then remove the implant. Once the implant is removed they will then go back and remove all remaining scar tissue or capsules.

breast implant removal surgeryWith En Bloc Capsulectomy, the implant is removed simultaneously with the capsule, while it’s still encapsulated inside the scar tissue.

When you sit down with your doctor for an initial breast implant removal Charlotte consultation, your surgeon will walk you through all of your possible options. It’s also important to note that an En Bloc removal may not be possible in all surgical cases, but it’s certainly something you can discuss with your surgeon.

Recovering From Your Breast Implant Removal

In general, you will be back up on your feet in no time, and recovery is not typically painful. As with any surgical recovery, it’s important to be in good health and at a healthy weight – with those factors at your benefit, you will be able to get back to routine daily activities (like using the bathroom) approximately within a day or two. You’ll likely experience some discomfort or soreness for about a week or so, but downtime is typically minimal. You may experience some swelling and discomfort, but these issues will likely be resolved within the first month or so following the procedure.

Talk To Your Surgeon at Charlotte Plastic Surgery Regarding Best Breast Implant Removal Charlotte

Much like any other surgical procedure, it is important to consider all options prior to making a final decision. If you have further questions about breast implant removal and want to learn more about Total Capsulectomy or En Bloc Capsulectomy, the staff at Charlotte Plastic Surgery is here to help you. Contact us today to understand your options and move forward with the procedure that is right for you.

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