Just about every single person on this planet will experience some kind of cellulite development over the course of their lives. While it is more likely to affect individuals over the age of 25 who have excess fat, even fit, perfectly healthy, and lean individuals may see cellulite appear. The is where QWO® cellulite injection treatment in Charlotte can help.

For some, it’s not that big of a deal, but for others, the simple sight of cellulite is enough to make them shudder. If you find yourself fixated on the cellulite you see on your own body; you probably haven’t simply accepted it as fact. You’ve probably gone to some lengths to try and reduce the appearance of it. Yes, there are some ways to reduce the look of cellulite on your body, ranging from staying on top of exfoliating to sunless tanning lotion and staying hydrated. However, while these methods can cut down on the appearance, it doesn’t actually rid your body of it.

So, if you’d like an option that doesn’t cover up cellulite but instead targets it and directly reduces it, QWO® cellulite injection treatment may just be the answer you’re looking for.

What Is QWO®?

QWO® is the only FDA-approved cellulite injection treatment that can be used in targeting and reducing cellulite. Cellulite causes the affected area to become bumpy. This is due to what is called fibrous septae. These are collagen molecules found within your skin. And yes, you probably think you thought collagen was good for the skin. It is, but this particular molecule will overproduce and lead to a surplus (just about everything is good in moderation, including collagen). Basically, this fibrous septae begins to build up in the targeted areas, and the surplus leads to this bumpy, dimpled look. The QWO® cellulite injection treatment targets this and helps break down the collected cells, allowing the skin to smooth out naturally.

The best part about this new cellulite reduction treatment? Injections take as little as ten minutes to administer and you will start seeing results in ten weeks — We call it “Ten in Ten!”

Longer Lasting Injection

Every kind of cosmetic injection available does have a time stamp on it. These injections will last a certain length of time and then, eventually, will begin to degrade, and you’ll need to return for another injection. However, with QWO® cellulite injections, it can last for several years. While each person does respond differently, it is generally far longer lasting than what you might experience with other injectables on the market.

Before & After QWO® Treatment

qwo® cellulite injection treatment charlotte


Find Out If QWO® Cellulite Injection Treatment Charlotte Is Right For You

Everyone’s a little different, so the best method for treating cellulite for you may not be what’s right for the next person. QWO® is an effective means of treating cellulite, but you need first to find out if it is the ideal option you should take advantage of. If you want to learn more about QWO® cellulite injection treatment and determine whether it’s right for you, now is the perfect time to take action. With a simple consultation, all your questions will be answered, and your skincare professionals will begin working with you in crafting a method for treating your cellulite. All you need to do is take the first step and contact the professionals today.

Before & After Gallery: View Real Patients' Results

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