CoolTone™ by CoolSculpting®

tone your muscles and achieve greater definition

CoolTone™ by CoolSculpting®

Most body contouring treatments available are designed to help the body rid itself of stubborn fat cells. From freezing fat cells via CoolSculpting® to removing the cells through injections, lasers, or another method, the vast majority of these services and treatments aim at helping you with collections of fat on your body. However, CoolTone™ in Charlotte NC is different in that it doesn’t target fat cells.


Instead, it is designed to target muscle fiber in your body. After all, looking your best isn’t all about removing fat from your body. It’s also about toning, tightening, and shaping your muscles.

If you’ve been looking for a way to do just this, CoolTone™ in Charlotte NC by CoolSculpting® may be the right nonsurgical body contouring method available.

CoolTone™ Charlotte NC

You don’t need to travel to New York or Los Angeles to receive the very best body contouring services. Instead, by taking advantage of the CoolTone™ in Charlotte NC you not only can remain closer to home, but you’ll find the services rendered in North Carolina is far less expensive than what you would pay in LA or Manhattan.

Charlotte Plastic Surgery (CPS) has long devoted itself to providing the highest level of skincare services found anywhere in the country. To do this, CPS not only perfects the techniques and treatments used on your body but the team of skin care professionals is always looking for new and better ways to help serve you. CoolTone™ by CoolSculpting® is one of the latest methods to do just this.

CoolTone™ comes from the same makers of CoolSculpting® and BOTOX®. It is also an FDA cleared service designed to help tighten and tone muscles throughout your body. From abs to your butt, if there’s an area you want to tighten, shape up and tone, CoolTone™ may be the right nonsurgical body contouring treatment for you.

Muscle Toning, Muscle Firming & Muscle Strengthening

cooltone deviceSo how does CoolTone™ help give you firmer, tighter, more toned muscles? To understand this it is important to dive into what goes on during a treatment session. When you go in for a CoolTone™ session, a rectangular device will be rolled up to you. This device has a wand-like design. It almost looks like a thick mirror attached to a cord that plugs into the large, rectangular device.

The wand is then positioned on the muscle you wish to work on. Using magnetic muscle stimulation (MMS), the wand will pulse the muscle. Essentially, it shoots electromagnetic energy into the muscle, which causes the muscle fibers to twitch. When this happens the muscle tissues will basically flex and relax, flex and relax, at a rapid rate.

This constant movement works the muscles and will lead to a strengthening of the muscle fiber. As the muscle fibers become stronger the cells will become tighter and firmer. This leads to a toned, defined look. You will likely feel tighter, firmer muscles, after just one session.

However, you’ll likely need to come in for several sessions before you can fully see the results. Unlike CoolSculpting®, which takes weeks to months for the results to fully show, you can schedule multiple CoolTone™ treatment sessions during a single week.

How Does CoolTone™ Work?

Did you ever see commercials for the abdominal belts that, when placed around your abs, use an electromagnetic system to pulse the abs? If you have you will understand the basic concept of how CoolTone™ works.

Now, the electromagnetic pulse created by most of those belts was not strong enough to do much good. To strengthen the muscle fiber a strong, complete contraction of the muscles is needed.

A minor twitch in the muscle that is little more than surface-level will not help, so if you’ve purchased one of these belts in the past and didn’t see any results, more likely than not the strength of the belt wasn’t anywhere close to where it needed to be.

CoolTone™ is one of the strongest electromagnetic body contour treatment methods available. This is why CoolTone™ is FDA cleared to not only work on smaller muscles like the abs, but larger muscles like your quads, hamstrings, and gluteus (no consumer-grade device can work on these larger muscles and provide any real results).

Cooltone Before AfterCooltone Before After

What Can I Expect During a CoolTone™ Treatment?

During the treatment session, the CoolTone™ wand will be placed over the muscle, causing the muscle fibers to contract tightly before letting go. Your CoolTone™ technician will also work your muscles in different areas.

For the best result, it is important to work the targeted muscle in varying locations. It’s no different than working a given muscle at the gym. For the best workout, you need to alter how the muscle fiber is targeted. Doing so not only improves the quality of the results but it makes sure the entire muscle is hit and not just part of it.

For example, many muscle groups have multiple heads (take your bicep, which has two different heads, while the back of your arm, the triceps, have three, and each of these heads needs to be worked differently).

Your technician will understand the best way to work each muscle group to make sure it is targeted evenly, which will give you the best final result possible.

Watch a Real CoolTone™ Patient During a Live Treatment!

Real Patient CoolTone™ Reviews

“Once Charlotte Plastic Surgery got CoolTone by CoolSculpting, I decided to give it a try. I have done both my abs and glutes. I would recommend it to anyone. Sessions only take 30 minutes and the results are amazing. I have seen visible results and have also noticed the increased strength and ease during my workouts.”
-Ashly L.

“I really had an easy time with the Cooltone. They had me prepared and reassured me while the treatment was getting started. They were able to adjust up the strength as I tolerated it. I completed four treatments without any discomfort. I’m very happy I did it!”
-Dr. Stephan Finical

What is CoolTone by CoolSculpting?

You now know CoolTone forces your muscles to involuntarily constrict and relax using electromagnetic energy. To fully understand how this works it is necessary to look at what electromagnetic energy is.

You might have learned about electromagnetism back in high school physics class, but that might have been a long time ago and there’s no reason to go pick up a science textbook. The basics of electromagnetic energy are there is a physical interaction between electrically charged particles.

There are varying forms of electromagnetic energy. This can come from light, microwaves, radio waves, ultraviolet light, radar, and so on. Basically, a source device creates a kind of energy that causes a secondary object to react to it.

If you’ve ever experienced a sunburn before this is an example of ultraviolet electromagnetic energy. The sun created a form of energy that in return your skin reacted to (don’t worry, all the energy used to stimulate your muscles is safe).

This form of muscle treatment is a bit different from traditional weight training. When you train with weights you work on your motor nerves. Mild exercise (such as light jogging) will only focus on the slow-twitch muscle fibers.

But with CoolTone, the treatment hits the fast-twitch muscle fibers (fast-twitch muscle fibers are used for explosive moves, such as changing directions quickly when running, such as what a basketball or football play might do).

CoolTone also focuses on the sensory nerves in your body. Due to this, it works your muscles in a slightly different way from mild exercise.

Benefits of Cooltone

CoolTone will not cause your muscles to grow larger. This only happens when you tear the muscle fibers in your body and you intake enough protein to repair and build the muscles to a larger state. Most muscle growth occurs following extreme weight training.

Instead, CoolTone affects your muscles in a way similar to Pilates, Zumba, or another high-intensity cardiovascular exercise. With this kind of a workout, you won’t grow larger muscles. Instead, you’ll tone the muscles.

By working the muscles and tightening them, there will be greater definition, which in turn will make the muscles look more solid with greater visual appeal.

CoolTone Before and After

CoolTone will help tighten and tone your muscles. Soft muscle tissue will become firmer and more solid. It will have a better shape to it. The exact final result will vary depending on where you’re starting and how often it is used.

Every person reacts a bit differently, so your before and after may vary from the next person. It may also take a handful of treatment sessions for you to reach your desired goals.
cooltone charlotte nc cooltone woman before and after
Additionally, you may need to have other body contour procedures performed before using CoolTone.

For example, if you want to strengthen your abs but can’t currently see the abs it might be necessary to take advantage of CoolSculpting, or something similar, to strip away the layer of fat and expose the abs.

This way, when you begin the CoolTone ab treatment you’ll see results faster.

CoolTone Providers

The best way to determine what form of body contouring is right for you and whether you can go immediately into the CoolTone treatment or if it is best to use CoolSculpting ahead of time.

With an initial consultation, you’ll have all the answers you need and can proceed from there. So if you’re curious about CoolTone, would like to learn more about the service, or are ready to begin moving forward with one of the few local CoolTone providers, now is the perfect time to reach out and contact the team at Charlotte Plastic Surgery.

The team of expert skin care professionals is here, ready to help you achieve your ultimate skincare and physical appearance goals. All you need to do is take the first step.

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