Reduce dark spots and age spots – for all skin types

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As the sun comes out and spring begins, we’re finding ourselves more conscious than ever of our skin’s appearance. Over time, due to the sun and many other factors, the skin can become spotted and blotchy. So we’re constantly looking for ways to refresh the radiant skin of our patients (and ourselves).

That’s where Lytera Skin Brightening Complex comes in. From SkinMedica — one of our favorite skin health lines — this brightening formula addresses the appearance of dark spots. And it works for all skin types to help reduce age spots, photoaging, dark spots, freckles caused by the sun, and “pregnancy mask.”

Lytera is a non-hydroquinone product that effectively lightens skin discoloration and evens skin tone, revealing the radiant complexion that we believe all of our patients deserve. This lightweight lotion contains niacinamide, stabilized vitamin C, Vitamin E, retinol, licorice root, antioxidants and peptides, all of which work on many different cellular processes and have been shown to effectively disperse and lessen troublesome pigmentation. The complete Lytera system includes facial cleanser, Lytera Skin Brightening Complex, Tri-Retinol Complex ES and Daily Physcial Defense SPF 30+ Sunscreen.

You can easily add Lytera Skin Brightening Complex to your current skin care regimen, preceding our favorite TNS Essential Serum. Just use after gentle cleansing and before your other products twice per day. Finish your morning treatment with SkinMedica Daily Defense SPF 30 Sunscreen. As with any skin care regimen, effectiveness is dependent upon how diligent you are about protecting your skin from damage and using the products regularly.

You can further enhance the effectiveness Lytera if you use it in conjunction with the SkinMedica Vitalize Peel or Rejuvenize Peel. Ask our aestheticians what regimen is best for you.

Lytera can truly enhance your skin’s luminosity, revealing a more radiant you. Contact us today to see how Lytera can help reduce the appearance of dark spots — so you’ll be proud to show off your skin this spring and beyond.