Top 5 Reasons To Get Coolsculpting

If you are interested in body contouring, there are plenty of reasons to get CoolSculpting. In some ways, it seems too good to be true since you can spot and reduce body fat from targeted areas without plastic surgery. But it isn’t. Today’s non-surgical cosmetic procedures offer options to improve your appearance without knives or downtime.

Here are some of the top five reasons to consider CoolSculpting®. Keep in mind that no single treatment is for everyone. The best way to learn whether it is right for you is to schedule a consultation with a skilled provider.

1. It’s FDA Cleared, Safe, and Effective

CoolSculpting® is an FDA-Cleared non-surgical treatment to reduce body fat from common trouble areas, including the abdomen, love handles, bra roll, arms, legs, and double chin area. The FDA clearance indicates it meets its standard for safety and effectiveness.

According to CoolSculpting’s data, people often see a 20-25% reduction in fat within the targeted area after a CoolSculpting® treatment. While this sounds amazing, it is important to remember that you can’t really use CoolSculpting® as your sole weight management technique. The areas it treats are very small. It works well for fine-tuning the body’s proportions if you happen to retain extra stubborn fat in one of the areas mentioned above.

CoolSculpting® uses a technique called “cryolipolysis” to freeze and destroy fat cells. Your provider applies a cold applicator to specific areas to break down those fat cells. Your body naturally expels them over the days and weeks following your treatment.

2. Convenient, With No Downtime

Compared with surgical fat reduction techniques like liposuction, CoolSculpting® is painless and convenient, and no significant downtime is required for recovery. You can wear comfortable clothing during your treatment, and most patients relax, stream a show, read a book, or even take a nap while it is happening. 

Each CoolSculpting® treatment lasts 25-35 minutes per treatment area, and you can typically have up to two areas treated per session.

Most people who are close to their healthy goal weight only need a single treatment. However, some people may need a second session to lose the desired amount of fat. In that case, wait 2-3 months to see your final results. Still, re-treatment for CoolSculpting® is safer and doesn’t interrupt your life as much as a surgical procedure would.

You may experience a cold pulling sensation, tingling, or sensitivity during and after treatment. Still, with surgical fat loss procedures, you need to take time off to recover; it takes weeks to heal fully. With CoolSculpting® you may experience tingling, discomfort, or even mild bruising, but healing is in a matter of hours and days, not weeks.

3. Permanently Alters Your Proportions Without Surgery

Once fat cells are destroyed through CoolSculpting®, they are gone. It can subtly re-sculpt your proportions for those areas. Before the development of CoolSculpting®, you would have had to turn to plastic surgery for similar targeted fat loss. Of course, CoolSculpting® doesn’t typically remove as much fat as liposuction, but many are happy with their results when they use it to treat small fat deposits in specific areas.

If you are worried about surgical scars and a non-surgical procedure like CoolSculpting® is adequate for your aesthetic goals, then it is a way to get the results without the scars. It works best for people who are basically happy with their body other than stubborn fat in a specific area like “banana rolls” then you may be pleased with CoolSculpting®.

4. Natural-Looking Results

You don’t see the results instantly after a CoolSculpting® treatment. They take weeks to unfold, with peak fat loss a month or two after your treatment. Since it is gradual, like Coolscuplting vs liposuction, people have time to adapt and get used to their new shape. Your friends and colleagues may even think your results are from a traditional diet and exercise unless you choose to tell them otherwise.

Still, because CoolSculpting is a targeted treatment for smaller areas, it works best when you are at or close to your goal weight and have a healthy BMI. Since you are not under anesthesia, it can be safer for people who may not quite be ready for elective surgery or who just don’t want to take weeks off work.

5. The Restored Confidence is Priceless

As cosmetic professionals, we understand that everyone has things they want to improve about their appearance. Sometimes choosing to enhance those areas can be an act of self-love if it is an informed decision and something you genuinely want to do. Often those little subtle changes that come from a process like CoolSculpting® instill a person with confidence.

If you previously hid in baggy clothes because you hated an area of the body like maybe love handles. Imagine the feeling of wanting to wear tailored or fitted clothing, a bathing suit, or whatever you want. That’s what happens to many people when they get CoolSculpting or any other cosmetic treatment they want.

Schedule Your Consultation to Learn More

We hope this article helps you understand the reasons to get CoolSculpting. While many people are thrilled with CoolSculpting®, it isn’t for everyone. You are most likely to make the best choice for you if you start with a consultation with an experienced cosmetic professional.

During your consultation, please share your medical history and any information about your general health with your provider. Even though it is minimally invasive, there still may be some conditions that may increase the risk of rare side effects. It is important for your provider to know that for your safety and well-being.

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