Radiesse Helps Hands Appear Younger

No matter how well we take care of our faces with skin care products, Botox, and fillers, all too often as women, we find our hands give away our age. Help combat this dead giveaway with Radiesse, which we’re now using to inject into hands for a youthful look. The treatment takes less than half an hour and leaves your hands looking younger for up to a year.

One of our nurse injectors tried Radiesse. See the photo below where her left hand (on the right in this photo) was given the injection, and her right hand (here, shown left) was left alone. You can see the striking difference, eliminating wrinkled skin and the appearance of veins to make her left hand look much younger.

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Because we are so excited about this new service, we’re offering an exclusive special to rejuvenate your hands this September only. You’ll get filler for your hands, plus a free laser treatment to brighten the skin and remove discoloration, all for only $750 — a $150 savings off regular pricing. Contact us today to learn more.