I lived in Michigan for almost 20 years. The snow, the cold, the long winters. Did I mention the snow? Most of the time I was bundled up in multiple layers. To stay warm, I ate to build up the fat layers. Slowly but surely, my weight increased year after year. Size 8, then 10, then 12. Then one day, in the dressing room at Marshall Field’s – a size 14.


I started dieting and eating better; slowly the weight was coming off. I moved to Charlotte in 2006 where the climate is significantly warmer and started exercising. The weight continued to come off, but there were some areas that were not going to return to the youthful shape they once were.

“I stood in front of my mirror and looked at my post-surgery body and was absolutely ecstatic with the results.”

Luckily, I got a dream position at Charlotte Plastic Surgery. I spent five years working with the physicians and staff – watching, listening and learning. I dipped my toes into the cosmetic surgery world. First with Botox®. How did I ever live without Botox® before? I thought all the lines and wrinkles on my forehead were from worry. Not so! An injection or two and they were gone!

Smile lines – those were next. A little filler, gone. I didn’t even know how old those lines were making me look! Actually, I wasn’t even aware of them until someone pointed them out to me. They will never reappear because I will not let them.

It was about this time, after using these wonderful products (Botox®, fillers and skin care products) that people started commenting on my looks. People who had not seen me in months, even years. They started telling me how youthful I looked. Someone even said that I was “reverse aging!” What a great feeling!

With diet and exercise, I finally got down to a size 4. I still had areas of my body that I felt needed help. I decided to have surgery with Dr. Michael Beasley and it was the best thing I have ever done for myself. The day after my surgery, I stood in front of my mirror and looked at my post-surgery body and was absolutely ecstatic with the results! Flat tummy, perky breasts, thin, young. I was elated!

As an employee, I see and hear things that the typical patient does not. I hear the patient stories – how thrilled they are, how they wish they had surgery sooner, how much it changed their lives and gave them confidence. I see how the physicians and staff at CPS interact with the patients, the great care they provide and the support that they give. I was completely reassured by Dr. Beasley’s quiet, calm confidence and his surgical ability. I know how highly regarded each of these physicians are by their peers across the country and patients throughout the Charlotte area.

It has been about 4 years now since my surgery. I still look fantastic, and most people guess my age to be about early 40’s. The truth is that I recently celebrated my 50th birthday. I look back at pictures taken of me in Michigan (over 9 years ago) and I cannot believe the change. I tell everyone that I wish I had done it sooner, so I’ll give you the same advice:

Don’t wait one second more. Come in and start your journey to reverse aging. You’ll be glad you did.

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