A lifelong battle with melasma comes to end thanks to expert care at Charlotte Plastic Surgery

Many of us struggle with hyperpigmentation and/or melasma, those unattractive dark splotches that tend to come with sun exposure and hormone changes.  There are dozens of products on the market that promise to fade these aggravating spots away, but not many actually deliver on their promises.  Read on to learn about melasma treatment in Charlotte that can help.

Searching for a solution in vain

“I tried absolutely every product I could find at Ulta, CVS, and my favorite department stores.  Nothing helped; not one serum made a dent in the brown mask on my cheeks and forehead.” says Leslee, a childhood sun worshipper who first experienced dark pigment covering her face when she was 22.  “I grew up in South Florida and was always outside. You never thought to put on sunscreen back then and you certainly didn’t think it would turn into this.”

When Leslee entered her thirties, a change in hormone levels caused her melasma to darken so much that she couldn’t conceal it without layers and layers of concealer and foundation.

“I hated the summertime because if I became the slightest bit sweaty, my makeup would run in streaks down my face.  It was so embarrassing and I avoided any outdoor activities where I knew I might perspire.”

melasma treatment charlotte

Finding a melasma treatment in Charlotte that worked

Melasma is typically related to hormonal changes while hyperpigmentation can be caused by skin trauma (such as sun damage), but both are characterized by splotches of darker skin on the surface of the skin.  And although for most of us it will be a lifelong battle against our body’s desire to produce extra melanin, there are steps we can take to keep it at bay.

“Finally, I decided to meet with a Licensed Esthetician at Charlotte Plastic Surgery who discussed various options with me, from a conservative to a more aggressive approach.  I didn’t realize that there were so many effective treatments you can do, I had just been looking in all the wrong places.”

Finally, no more hiding

Together with the guidance of her Skin Health Specialist, Leslee decided on a treatment that worked for her lifestyle: a series of chemical peels specially designed for pigmentation followed by a BBL, or broadband light treatment.

“When I saw my skin afterwards, I literally broke down in tears. Even after one treatment, there was finally the improvement I had been searching for.”

After her series of treatments were completed, Leslee attended a baseball game and recalls the joy of wearing nothing but sheer powder on her face.

“My husband was shocked at how much less time I had spent on my makeup that day.  When I look back at the pictures, I’m still so overjoyed at the freedom and confidence I felt that day.”


Since every person’s skin is different from the next, it’s important to meet with a Skin Health Specialist who can not only take your lifestyle into account, but also your skin’s quality and characteristics.  From medical grade products to chemical peels, lasers, light therapy, and penetrating exfoliation, there are numerous treatments that can provide clearer, more even skin for even the most splotchy faces.

To learn more about what options are available to you, or to schedule a complimentary skin care consultation with a Skin Health Specialist, call (704) 372-6846 today.