Male Plastic Surgery: How It’s The New Norm

There’s a funny, old assumption about men—that they aren’t as invested in their personal appearance as women are. As any man will tell you, though, guys want to look and feel their best just as much as the ladies do. And these days, we see a number of positive trends, revealing men’s desire to truly take care of themselves, with more men than ever going to the gym, eating right, and even pursuing male plastic surgery.

That’s right—plastic surgery isn’t just for women, despite the stereotypes and the cliches. There are plenty of men of all ages who wish to look a little more youthful, a little trimmer, to have more self-confidence, and to be more attractive to their partners. And for these men, male plastic surgery procedures offer a lot of possibilities.

More Men Are Embracing Plastic Surgery

Just how common is male plastic surgery among men? According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, roughly 1.3 million cosmetic procedures were performed on men last year—an increase of about 29 percent since the year 2000. Clearly, men’s plastic surgery is on the rise. What may surprise you is how men are seeking their cosmetic surgeries.

Male Plastic Surgery in Charlotte

The ASPS reports that millennial men are especially keen on procedures like tummy tucks, liposuction, and even breast reduction—all ways to get fitter and trimmer, and to fight the onset of “dad bod.” Among older men, however, facial procedures tend to be the most popular options. Zealous to appear more youthful and to avoid the effects of an ageist workplace, these older men are most interested in reversing some of the fine lines and age markers from their faces.

And it’s not just plastic surgery. Injectables, such as Botox, are also seeing a surge in popularity among men. The same goes with clinical-grade skincare products. The bottom line is that men really do want to look their best, but there are some things they just can’t change on their own, no matter how well they diet or exercise. That’s where cosmetic products and procedures come into play.

Hear more on the trends in male plastic surgery witnessed by Dr. Kevin Smith of Charlotte Plastic Surgery in the video below.

Why Male Plastic Surgery is On the Rise

As men take more steps toward embracing plastic surgery and similar procedures, it’s important to appreciate a fundamental difference in the goals that women and men have for these cosmetic alterations. Many women want to look younger, which generally isn’t the case for men. Guys are more interested in looking good for their age. For instance, a 50 year old man knows that it would be odd and unnatural for him to appear as if he’s attempting to look 19 again. His goal is probably just to look like a very fit and healthy 50 year old. This is a key distinction to make as we talk about men seeking cosmetic procedures.

It’s also worth asking why now. Why, in 2017, are men showing such a keen interest in plastic surgery and related products and procedures? Researchers have given us some clues, finding that the majority of men pursue plastic surgery to feel more confident. With the endless snapping of smartphone cameras, it seems like photographs are everywhere these days. In a visual society, everyone’s insecurities are stamped in time within the annals of the World Wide Web. For men, the key to addressing their troublesome physical features and boosting their confidence often involves plastic surgery.

Others want to undergo surgery to look younger in order to compete for jobs where employers value young, fresh-faced candidates. In fact, more and more men are taking the plastic surgery avenue for job-related reasons. Hair restoration, liposuction and other procedures may help aging men compete with the younger generation in the workplace. For celebrities and models, pectoral implants, buttock implants, and similar surgeries can preserve their natural good looks to lengthen their careers.

Finally, some men choose to have cosmetic surgical procedures done when entering or reentering the dating scene. This reason is often pursued by recently divorced or widowed men who are looking to make a change in their life and start fresh.

Pursuing Male Plastic Surgery

There are clearly a number of reasons why men might think seriously about plastic surgery, or even about a clinical-grade skincare product. The question is, how do you know which product or procedure is right for you?

The short answer is that you should always meet with a surgeon to discuss your options, and to make sure you have a reasonable expectation for the outcome. Again, most men don’t truly want to look like they are 20 years younger. They want results that are substantive yet also natural and discreet. A surgeon can help you narrow down your options and determine which procedures can deliver those results.

In other words, it depends very much on your goals. For younger men who want to appear as fit and healthy as possible—and who have reached the limits of what diet and exercise can do—something like CoolSculpting or liposuction can be recommended. Breast reduction is also an increasingly popular option among men. For men who are more concerned with the face, there are options such as rhinoplasty (the “nose job”), eyelid surgeries, and eyebrow lifts. Meanwhile, clinical-strength skincare products can help smooth out wrinkles and fine lines with far greater efficacy than anything you’ll find in the drugstore.

Male Plastic Surgery Options at Charlotte Plastic Surgery

With the many options available today, it is important to take away from all this is that whatever stigma there used to be surrounding men’s cosmetic surgery has all but vanished. Guys who want to change their appearance or boost their self-image have a lot of viable and effective options. The best starting point is scheduling a consultation with a highly-skilled physician at Charlotte Plastic Surgery.

Charlotte Plastic Surgery is a leading name in cosmetic surgery for men and women alike, and we’re committed to working with patients to help them uncover the best procedure to achieve their goals. Learn more about the men’s plastic surgery options by reaching out to Charlotte Plastic Surgery today.