Happily Ever After: Remove Your Double Chin Forever

charlotte plastic surgeryThere are many people who struggle with getting rid of their double chin; it comes as no surprise. Diet and exercise does not always succeed at eliminating this problem area. Well, now Charlottean’s won’t have to worry about those unflattering double chin pictures anymore. Charlotte Plastic Surgery now offers an FDA approved drug, Kybella™, which can get rid of them permanently. Kybella™ is made with deoxycholic acid, which is found naturally in our bodies. Our liver produces this acid to breakdown the fat that we eat.

There are only a few steps when going through this process. In order to target the fat underneath the skin and muscle, they evaluate the fat in the neck by feeling the thickness with their fingers. What follows is a numbing medicine, and then the Kybella™, which is injected into precise locations in the neck. After the procedure, there’s hardly any recovery time needed.

Charlotte Plastic Surgery’s Dr. Finical, recently visited Good Day Charlotte to talk about how the procedure works, with an added “Nick’s Double Chin” bonus. Watch his discussion in the video below:


charlotte plastic surgery