Tips for Keeping Fat Off After CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting is an excellent option when it comes to targeting pesky love handles, drooping chin, bat wings, and other areas around the body that you haven’t had any luck minimizing on your own. Keep in mind, while CoolSculpting will reduce the fat cells in the target area, it will not prevent the enlargement of fat cells in other areas of the body. Fat cells expand and contract based on a caloric surplus or deficit, so while the stubborn area treated via CoolSculpting won’t grow, excess calories will collect elsewhere in the body. 

This means you may need to make a couple of minor adjustments to your daily routine to help avoid this kind of situation. But what all can you do? Here are a handful of tips on keeping fat off after CoolSculpting.

1. Are You Finished Having Kids?

Pregnancy can do a number on your body. If you’ve already given birth to one child, you may be looking at ways to tighten and tone your body back to your pre-pregnancy appearance. However, it’s important to consider whether or not you are planning to have more. While CoolSculpting can be done even if you are considering having more children in the future, pregnancy will once again bring about weight gain. So, the best way to prevent fat from returning following CoolSculpting is to make sure you are finished bearing children.

2. Healthy Eating

Fat gain and loss have more to do with your diet than any amount of exercise you do. It’s far easier to trim away a few hundred calories out of your daily diet than it is to burn a few hundred calories at the gym.

If you already have a pretty good diet and only indulge once in a while, it won’t take many tweaks to slash out some of those unnecessary calories and help keep the fat off.

Start with your morning coffee. How much cream and sugar are you using? If you have more than one cup of coffee a day, you’re easily drinking a minimum of 100 calories just to add flavor to the coffee. That adds up quickly. Instead, go back if you can. Need to sweeten it up? Turn to cinnamon, which not only is a great flavor addition but it helps boost your metabolic rate as well. Or maybe your coffee is too acidic, and you need the dairy to neutralize it? A simple trick is to use a stovetop coffee maker and let the coffee boil for longer. Boiling will help break down the acidity in the coffee, making it easier on your stomach.

Ditching sodas, creamy salad dressings, and fried foods will help cut down on your calories as well. Read the labels on your so-called healthy foods. You’d be amazed at how many calories are in one little protein bar. Speaking of protein, if you’re struggling with cutting more calories, consider swapping out breakfast or another meal with a protein drink. These drinks are easy to digest, don’t hold onto water like carbs do (which means less bloating), and offer great energy for working out.

3. Exercise

Try to get some kind of workout on most days of the week. Sure, life happens, and you might not be able to make it to the gym every day, but if you can get in an hour or so of some kind of physical activity, that will help keep the fat away. Remember, as long as you’re doing your work in the kitchen; you won’t have to worry as much about spending hours at the gym.

If you’re not weight training, consider adding this into your workout routine. Yes, cardio burns more upfront calories in a given hour, but because weight training breaks down muscle fibers, which then need to be repaired, you’ll continue to burn calories long after the workout.

4. Hydrate

When you drink water, your body is less likely to retain it. This is because the body becomes accustomed to a continued influx of water, which prevents it from going into conservation mode. By hydrating, you’ll continually flush out toxins, and you’ll feel fuller throughout the day.

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