How to Speed Up CoolSculpting Results

Sometimes people expect CoolSculpting® results to be instant. In reality, the results from CoolSculpting® fat loss treatment take weeks, if not a month, to fully unfold. While some people love that it is subtle and appears to reveal more natural results, others ask, “How to speed up CoolSculpting results?”

 While the CoolSculpting® process takes time to work, there are lifestyle changes that support better and possibly faster results. Before we cover the actions you can take, it may help to have a quick refresher about how CoolSculpting® works.

CoolSculpting 101: A Quick Refresher

CoolSculpting is a non-surgical fat loss treatment. The FDA cleared it for use to reduce fat in nine areas, including the belly or abdomen, love handles, bra roll, arms, thighs, and even the chin area.

It operates using “cryolipolysis,” basically, your provider attaches a suction applicator wand to the areas where you want to reduce fat. It directs controlled cooling to the area, freezes, crystallizes, and destroys some fat cells without harming other tissues, like skin. Over the next few weeks, the fat cells are released in the body’s normal way. This is why the results from a CoolSculpting procedure take time to show, especially for CoolSculpting for double chin.

It isn’t a substitute for weight loss; it is better for removing stubborn fat cells and subtly re-sculpting your proportions. Now that you better understand how this non-invasive fat reduction procedure works, here are a few tips to help enhance your results and to see them sooner.

Six Ways to Maximize Your CoolSculpting® Treatment Results

1. Commit to or maintain an active lifestyle.

We know, all your life, people have recommended that you exercise and live an active lifestyle. So many of our patients are fit and active but have areas that retain stubborn fat. Well, we are going to repeat it. Exercise is great for your overall health, posture, and muscle tone, even while it can’t help you spot-reduce extra fat. Some types of exercise, like strength training, also help boost your metabolism. Aerobic exercise is also essential for your heart health and enhances blood flow and circulation.

As you shed some of your unwanted fat, your muscle tone may become more visible. While you may need to take a day or two off from working out following your CoolSculpting® procedure, maintaining activity will further enhance your results. 

2. Stay hydrated

Drinking enough water helps with many of the body’s functions, including processing and releasing body fat. Urine happens to be one of the ways the body’s fat removal methods during fat loss.

Also, when drinking ice water or even hot water, you are less likely to consume drinks with empty calories like soda. Avoid drinking excessive amounts of water since that can affect electrolyte balance and is potentially dangerous.

Try to aim for the water intake your doctor and others typically recommend for someone of your size, activity level, and gender.

3. Eat a healthy diet

If you want to lose additional fat as well as support your coolsculpting results stomach, be mindful of your diet. Focus on vitamin and mineral-rich fresh produce, lean protein, whole grains, and healthy fats like those found in avocados and salmon.

If you want to lose more weight, also factor in portion control. If not, focus on an overall healthy diet while watching your CoolSculpting® results unfold. If you have any unhealthy eating habits, this is also an excellent time to address those so you can lock in your CoolSculpting® treatment results.

4. Get enough sleep

A good night’s sleep is essential as your body heals and repairs. Everyone has times when they can’t get enough sleep, perhaps while cramming for exams in college, after the birth of a newborn, or during a family emergency. Think back. Did you look and feel your best while you were sleep deprived? 

5. Massage may help

Most of the tips we have shared are standard for both fat loss and living a healthy lifestyle. With CoolSculpting®, the body uses the lymphatic systems to expel the destroyed fat cells. You may be surprised to learn that manually massaging the area daily can increase and maybe even speed up fat loss.

Some people find that massaging the area helps with recovery and seems to boost their results. It is too early to say definitively, but some research suggests this to be so.

According to a study published in Lasers in Surgery and Medicine, daily massage to the treated area following a cryolipolysis-based treatment may increase fat reduction. Participants massaged one side of a treated area for two minutes a day, but not the other, according to the study guidelines. The researchers measured the fat loss on both sides of a treated area using ultrasound. According to researchers, after two months, the side that was massaged had a 68% greater “fat layer reduction” compared to the non-massaged side.

There you have it; you now have an excuse for a daily massage! See one of our best cryolipolysis specialists to more information. 

6. Consider wearing compression garments.

Patients regularly wear compression garments when recovering from liposuction vs Coolscuplting®. Some find mild workout compression garments or even Spanx feel more comfortable during the first couple of days when they are recovering from CoolSculpting®. Keep in mind this isn’t essential in the same way as it may be for more invasive treatments, but it may be worth trying, especially if it brings down the swelling faster and feels comfortable to you. 

Schedule a Consultation To Experience CoolSculpting® Results

If you are considering CoolSculpting® your first step is to schedule a consultation with a certified, skilled provider. This appointment is a perfect opportunity to ask any questions about the procedure, view before and after photos of clients who have been treated as examples of the kind of results to expect, and learn what you can do to speed up Coolsculpting® results.

Your provider may ask questions about your health, lifestyle, and any pre-existing conditions to ensure you are a good candidate and someone who would likely benefit from CoolSculpting®. 

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