How to Get the Best Tummy Tuck Results

A tummy tuck gives you a sleeker, flatter-looking waistline and belly by removing excess fat and tightening the skin and muscles. This is why it is a popular option for people recovering from childbirth or significant weight loss. If you are considering one, you may also wonder how to get the best tummy tuck results.

Keep in mind this article is for general education to help you as you navigate your choices and as a starting point for conversations with your plastic surgeon. A qualified plastic surgeon is in the best position to give you advice most appropriate for your specific needs. 

Preparing for Your Tummy Tuck

The first step to getting good results is to enter the procedure as an educated patient who understands what results are realistic. This happens in part through your own research and in part through a consultation with a plastic surgeon. During your initial consultation, your doctor will show you examples of likely results or use state-of-the-art imaging software to model your possible results. 

Most often, people want a tummy tuck after they lose significant weight and have excess loose and saggy skin. This loose skin may make you look larger than you are and may even be physically uncomfortable. We understand that, and we congratulate you on your weight loss success. One crucial guideline for your best results is to wait to have your tummy tuck until you are at or close to your goal weight. Otherwise, we would tighten everything up only for you to lose more weight and possibly have new loose skin. 

As you prepare, quit smoking, vaping, or using tobacco products in the weeks leading up to your operation. Tobacco interferes with your ability to heal. You want a smooth recovery so you can return to living your life with your sleeker, smoother waistline. Also, avoid drinking alcohol in preparation for your operation.

Sometimes the results you want may require liposuction or liposuction 360 as an add-on to the traditional tummy tuck. During your consultation, be sure to frankly discuss your goals and hopes with your plastic surgeon. Sometimes the results you want might require liposuction. 

Plan for Recovery

Plan for your recovery time. Your plastic surgeon will talk with you about the specifics. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Plan to take enough vacation time or paid leave to give yourself time to recover 
  • Stock your refrigerator with wholesome, easy-to-digest foods like yogurt, soups, etc.
  • Arrange for transportation home and possibly someone to help you for the first couple of days
  • Stock up on sedentary entertainment like light reading, and a full Netflix queue, and download some uplifting podcasts
  • Follow your doctor’s advice with your pain management medication, reintroduce gentle movement at the right time, and anything else over the first few weeks
  • Keep all your scheduled follow-up appointments as this is to monitor your progress and recovery and for your own well-being 

During the weeks and months following your operation, eat healthy meals with modest portions. That is a given to maintain your results. However, we have a few additional suggestions. Foods containing a lot of salt also promote fluid retention, making you look bloated and puffy. When you are inflamed after surgery, it is also common to retain extra fluids while you heal. 

For the first few weeks or months, avoid high-sodium foods and carbonated beverages to reduce the bloating, discomfort, and dizziness that can come with fluid retention. Also, stay hydrated and drink lots of water. This may seem counterintuitive when you are concerned about fluid retention, but it helps. 

You will need to rest and be more or less sedentary during the first few days or weeks after your operation while you heal. Still, your doctor may recommend gentle movement to promote circulation while you heal. Be sure to follow that advice. 

Have comfortable clothes ready and waiting. You may want to wear clothing with light compression while you heal. Ask your doctor about specific recommendations. Also, plan for other practical details, like how you will bathe.

Maintain Your Results Through Lifestyle Choices

Maintain your weight with long-term lifestyle adaptations, including a healthy diet, regular exercise, stress management techniques, and getting enough sleep. 

Staying mentally and physically healthy helps. The better you maintain your health, the better and longer-lasting your results. If you are planning to conceive in the near future, consider getting the tummy tuck after you recover from the birth of that planned child. We understand that sometimes life has other plans, this is just advice for maintaining your results in ideal conditions. 

You may need to buy new clothes to showcase your sleeker and more sculpted abdomen. Budget for this. If you need to buy clothing in the weeks leading to your operation, consider stretch clothing, clothing that will look stylish with a flowy fit, or even wrap clothing that can be adjusted to your new waistline. Another option is to hire a tailor or alterations professional to adapt some of your best items. 

Be a Well-Informed Patient

In addition to the research you are doing now, prepare yourself by becoming a well-educated and well-informed patient. Your initial consultation with your plastic surgeon is another important step in your journey. Your consultation appointment also helps you ensure you found the right plastic surgeon and the best procedure or paired procedures for your goals. 

During your consultation, ask any questions you may have about how the procedure will work, what kind of recovery time you will need, and what life may be like in the days, weeks, and months following the procedure. Make sure your plastic surgeon is well-informed about your medical history and any pre-existing known medical conditions you have.

The surgical team at Charlotte Plastic Surgery has a proven track record of helping Charlotte-area residents get the sculpted, sleek waistline they dream of. Whether you successfully lost a lot of weight, delivered a child, or are simply ready to tighten the waistline, we know you are excited about your potential results. 

We love seeing our patients confidently face their lives, no longer self-conscious about wearing a swimsuit, evening wear, or tailored clothing.

Contact us today to take that first step to get your tummy tuck.