Is CoolSculpting® really worth all the hype? Hear from a Certified Technician

Is CoolSculpting® worth it? Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of CoolSculpting®, the FDA-cleared treatment that can destroy stubborn fat cells on your lunch break. There’s little-to-no-downtime, no surgery, no anesthesia, and it seems like everyone knows at least one person who has experienced it firsthand. But even though CoolSculpting® has become one of the most popular non-surgical treatments* for body contouring, many consumers are still skeptical of all the hype.

is coolsculpting worth it

CPS CoolSculpting Before & After of the flanks/”love-handles”

Is CoolSculpting Really Worth it?

“Consumers are hesitant to invest in a treatment that could be just another gimmick,” says certified technician has been providing CoolSculpting® treatments for 5 years, 2 with Charlotte Plastic Surgery, and has heard every question in the book. “The truth is this treatment really does work; results are going to vary from person to person depending on their starting point, but they will see a difference in their silhouette.” So if the question is “is CoolScuplting® worth it?” then the answer is yes.

Why is CoolSculpting® So Popular?

coolsculpting before and after

CPS CoolSculpting Before & After of the flanks/”love-handles”

CoolSculpting® has gained recognition for offering convenience, comfort, and targeted treatments. Without discomfort or the need to take weeks off from work like with traditional surgical fat removal procedures. CoolSculpting® offers a lot of really great benefits:

  • It can be done on a lunchbreak: an area typically takes about 35 to 60 minutes to treat
  • It’s comfortable: there’s no pain, so you can watch TV, read a book, or even enjoy a nap during treatment
  •  You can target your most-stubborn areas: the double-chin, thighs, muffin-top, belly flab, under-bra roll, and bat wing arms don’t stand a chance

“I was really impressed by my CoolSculpting – it wasn’t painful and I actually enjoyed the downtime to myself.  My results started to show around week 7 or 8, but then by week 12 I could really tell a big difference.  I treated the pooch on my lower belly and now I feel much more comfortable in dresses and jeans.  I would absolutely recommend CoolSculpting to a friend.” – real CoolSculpting patient who had treatment at Charlotte Plastic Surgery.


Now part of the Brilliant Distinctions Rewards Program
Another benefit our clients really love is that CoolSculpting® has recently been added to the Brilliant Distinctions Rewards Program, allowing participants to earn money off their subsequent treatments and/or other Allergan purchases like SkinMedica, Latisse, Botox, and Juvederm.

See it to believe it!

Come to our annual Fall Open House to watch a live CoolSculpting treatment in action.  Plus, you can talk to our experts in person – they’ll be providing private mini-consultations during the open house so you can discuss your body concerns one-on-one.  Call (704) 372-6846 to reserve your spot at the open house or to schedule a consultation with our Coolscuplting Charlotte experts at one of our convenient office locations at Uptown or Ballantyne.

In the meantime, watch our expert perform a real CoolSculpting® treatment on one of her patients by viewing the below video.