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What is the Charlotte Plastic Surgery experience?
The difference is personal.

It all starts with your initial call to us. Our experienced patient care coordinators will walk you through your transformation process and answer any questions you may have. They’ll ask what you are interested in improving, and share recommendations for your best results. During this initial phone call, you’ll learn about our physicians, nurse injectors and skin health specialists. Your patient care coordinator will then schedule your consultation for a day and time convenient for you. In most cases, this consultation is free!

Upon your arrival at Charlotte Plastic Surgery, you’ll be greeted by our friendly front desk team who will make you feel at ease as you prepare for your visit with one of our physicians or practitioners.

Our physicians are highly experienced and well versed in the latest surgical techniques and the newest equipment in the world of cosmetic surgery. They’re here to discuss your concerns, goals and timeframes to ensure they’re making the best recommendations for you. Remember, if a procedure isn’t proven to give consistent results, we won’t recommend it. When it comes to questions, ask away! The physician and his assistant are here to advise and guide.

After you meet with the physician, you’ll sit down with your personal patient care coordinator who will help you with pricing, financing if needed, and scheduling of your surgery. Your patient care coordinator will assist you through the entire process – from your initial phone call to surgery to months after your surgery – so don’t hesitate to call at any time.

Once your surgery is scheduled, you’ll meet with the physician and his assistant one more time to further clarify your goals, review your medical history, take “before” pictures and get the answers to any final questions you may have.

On surgery day, you’ll arrive at the private entrance to our surgical suites. A friendly receptionist will make you feel at ease. Then a nurse will escort you to the preoperative area and help you prepare for surgery. You’ll change into a surgical gown so that your nurse and anesthetist can assess your vital signs and health history. You’ll be made comfortable on one of the preoperative beds with a warming blanket. Before your surgery, your physician will come visit with you and perform any pre-surgical marking that is necessary. You have the opportunity to ask any final questions at this time.

After surgery, you’ll awaken in our recovery room where your nurse will care for you as you slowly wake up. You’ll have a little snack and get changed. Your appointed caregiver will meet you back in the recovery area, and about an hour or so after your surgery, you’ll be on your way home.

One of our clinical team members will call you in the evening to check in on you and answer any questions. If you’re sleeping, we’ll talk with your caregiver. And if you’d like to talk to a physician, one is always available for you.

In many cases, you’ll return to our office the next day to visit with your physician and his assistant. We’ll make sure everything is going to plan and answer any questions you or your caregiver may have.

As you recover, you’ll return for postoperative visits where the physician will check on your progress and take “after” pictures to show you the full extent of your transformation.

When questions arise at any time during your Charlotte Plastic Surgery experience, you can call your patient care coordinator or the physician’s assistant. We’re reachable. We’re dedicated to helping you achieve the most successful results. And we’re here for you every step of the way.

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