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Safety is our number one priority. We treat our patients as if they were our family members.

With highly qualified surgeons, the most proven technology and a sincere dedication to performing in-depth pre-surgical screenings, you can be confident in choosing our practice. But please remember that when it comes to plastic surgery, safety begins with you. The more you understand about the qualifications of your doctor and facility, the more you can expect successful results.

Even though plastic surgery is elective, any surgery carries a risk, and a great deal of thought and consideration should go into your decision. At Charlotte Plastic Surgery, we don’t take any procedure for granted, no matter how simple or how involved – and you shouldn’t either. Here are a few articles covering what to avoid when considering plastic surgery.


Discount Injectables Bought Offshore are not Worth the Risk (ASAPS)
Botox Vacations: Why They Should be Avoided

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