How Exparel can help ease pain and minimize recovery time

Exparel is an exciting new injectable analgesic that, when used during surgeries like abdominoplasty and breast augmentation, can lead to lower pain and quicker recovery times. Charlotte Plastic Surgery’s physicians are leading the way in implementing this new method that lowers the need for opioid and narcotic pain medicines that can slow patients’ return to daily life.

Dr. Finical recently weighed in on a pain management article in Outpatient Surgery Magazine, reporting some recent findings related to using Exparel. Overall, patients reported lower pain scores in the three days following their operations, used 33% less narcotic pain medicine, and were generally satisfied with the method of pain management.

Below is the information Dr. Finical shared. As always, we recommend doing your research and being candid and forthcoming with any questions or concerns about surgery, recovery, and pain management. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation to see how Exparel can help minimize your pain and recovery time.

Dr_ Finical Exparel Pull

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